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1960s: Revolution


Looking good and feeling good replace being good and doing good as an ideal for life. The 1960s was mainly a movement of the ungodly to be increasingly ungodly.

Previous to 1960, politics was kept in a corner and living and society was separate and the larger part of life. During the 1960s, all of life became politicized. The left wing moved politics into the center of everything. In time, even many Christians moved politics to a high level in their lives.

The religious notion of Materialism and Secularism resulted in an exaltation of money and all that it can buy. A society developed where people's identity became linked to what they own, what clothes they wear, what vehicle they drive, and how much money they have. While this has always been a problem for humanity, under Secularism, this way of thinking became the predominant thought of the world, with America leading the way to oblivion.

From this time forward, the media, particularly movies and TV, became those who pushed the new basis for life. As time progressed, those who were raised to prominence through media are the ones who were considered experts and teachers in areas where those celebrities had no capacity to advise. Hedonism and hopelessness became a kind of religion throughout the world. Europe moved into this problem faster with Canada, the United States, and others following later.

At the same time, many fraudulent studies were brought forth, claiming to be scientific. Science had earlier been raised to a god-like level previously, so bowing to these new fraudulent studies seemed, to many, to be an intelligent thing to do. These false studies advised people to engage in many perversions of God's plan for marriage, distortions of society, and other lies of liberalism. (Liberalism Defined) The media rushed to sell this snake oil to the people and the people wanted to receive it.

A huge part of society began to follow illusions. People became bored with life. They looked for greater and greater stimulus to try to meet their pleasure addiction. Increased problems with drug and alcohol abuse followed. Pornography and violence increased.

Now, ungodly teachers and ungodly people in the media idolize the 1960s. These ungodly people use persuasion techniques to brainwash children and teens throughout the world and to bring these young people into ungodliness. Parents must maintain good communications with their children if they are to combat these ungodly servants of Satan.

Last updated: Dec, 2013
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1960s: Revolution

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