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The Thoughts We Have Thunk


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.


Thoughts We Have Thunk  

Obviously, it is not a problem with logic.  This is a human problem with the misuse of logic.  God is logical in everything He says and does.  Logic is part of the nature of God.  God is not random and cannot be random because that would be outside of the nature of love.  So logic is a gift of God to us, but we misuse it sometimes.  And God has not fully revealed logic to us yet. Some people misuse logic all the time.

We misuse logic by using it outside of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit and without revelation guiding it.  God says, "Come let us reason together."  Fallen humanity says that it wants to reason alone without God.  The human mind cannot successfully reason without the Holy Spirit.  This is true whether a person is a follower of Christ, a Hindu, a Buddhist, an Atheist, or whatever the person is.  The human mind doesn't work correctly without the Love of God (that God is) flowing through it.  The person who is following Christ has the option to reason together with God.  Those who don't follow Christ must first come to Him and be reconciled before they can experience this.

Without ongoing revelation of God to us, our logic is a vapor.  The reason is simple.  Logic basically says, "Thing one is true if thing two is true."  Now we have proved "thing one" but only if "thing two" is true, but how do we know "thing two" is true?  So we need to prove "think two."  We do that by finding some other thing, thing three, which, if true, will prove "thing two."   The trouble is that "thing three" has then got to be proven.  This proving the proof goes on until we come to our most basic source of belief.  Most people never challenge their beliefs until they reach the foundation of their beliefs.  For this reason, most people don't even know that logic lets them down in the end, because it fails to provide the ultimate proof of the proof.  When they get all the way to the bottom, there is nothing there to support their basic beliefs.

It's different for those who are truly following Jesus.  Jesus, the real Person, not just theory, is their Foundation.  He is the Rock on Whom they build.  He is leading them moment by moment if they are truly following.  He brings scripture to their memory at critical times.  He warns them, "Don't go there."  Don't believe that."  Don't go with the flow--I have called you to be special and set aside for me."  When they look at creation [science], God speaks to them through the creation.  When they talk to other followers of Christ, God speaks to them through those followers of Christ.  For this reason, logic works for them (unlike those who don't know Jesus).  When someone asks them how they know something is true, they quickly come to the Foundation.  "I know that the Bible is accurate and without error because the Holy Spirit shows me this."  "I know that Jesus Christ is God and is real because He speaks to me and directs my life moment by moment."  This is the only rational [sane] way to live. 

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

We do only know in part.  We only know what God has revealed.  However, what we know is ours and we can be sure of it.  For the ungodly, there is no way that they can really know anything and truly know why they know it.  In the final analysis, they must all say, "I just made it up."

Logic has made a phenomenal goof,
When it offers proof, there's no proof of the proof.
If your life is meaningless, aimless and punk,
You might give some thought to the thoughts you have thunk.

An elastic logic is taught in the schools,  
And thinking they're wise, they become silly fools.  
The students must kowtow or else they will flunk,  
So they learn confusion in thoughts they have thunk.  
Fierce strongholds of error reside in the mind  
With paths that keep changing, that waggle and wind.  
And logic that's loaded with glazed over junk.  
You don't really think how your thoughts have been thunk.  
The natural mind is so lofty and high,  
And amazingly sneaky when telling a lie.  
If folks only knew how their thoughts have been thunk,  
They wouldn't be tempted to fall for such bunk.  
You think a consensus can make something true?  
You think that the news is true-blue through and through?  
For most of us, some of the thoughts we have thunk.  
First entered our minds from the televijunk  
We don't need a hypnotist to hypnotize.  
Not knowing what's real, we can't tell what's lies.  
The media loads us with informAjunk  
To use as a basis for thoughts we have thunk.  
You hear a false statement, if it's stated well,  
And think it's from heaven, but it came from hell.  
Don't heedlessly, head-lessly lay in your bunk,  
To be lulled to sleep by the thoughts you have thunk.  
Theologians all argue. Ecologists do.  
Historians, experts and scientists too.  
If, ever, they thought how their thoughts have been thunk.  
They wouldn't end up in a big arguemunk.  
We just know in part, however we try,  
And a part of the truth is like telling a lie.  
One holds a leg, while another, the trunk.  
We are just like those blind men at that elephunk.  
You start with a true set of facts straight from God,  
Then twist them and squeeze them to make something odd.  
Human analysis, frankly, has stunk  
Because of our errors in thoughts we have thunk.  
One false assumption is all that it takes  
To take many truths and replace them with fakes.  
We ALL make assumptions--assume them with spunk.  
With presuppositions ALL our thoughts are thunk.  
Each of our ways is so right in our eyes.  
It's amazing the things that our mind justifies!  
Will you still depend on the thoughts that you thunk?  
And worship the brain in your thick craniumk?  
It may feel as real as real could feel,  
But feelings are fickle, despite their appeal.  
So products of wildest imaginAjunk,  
Feel real when repeated in thoughts that we thunk.  
Being right is important... how we long to be right!  
In confirming our rightness, we find our delight.  
Our scholars and experts give confirmAjunk,  
But they fail to tell how their thoughts had been thunk.  
Do you like to hear just what you like to hear?  
Do you know it's right... 'cause it tickles your ear?  
Folks think, by affirming, they've grown, but they've shrunk,  
So they don't like to challenge the thoughts they have thunk.  
Thought becomes action, then it becomes you.  
You become what you think. You become what you do.  
You might end up spiritually blind, deaf and drunk,  
If you rely on the thoughts you have thunk.  
All systems of man are now falling apart,  
For they're founded on concepts from man's evil heart.  
Your proud ship is sinking; it's sinking; it's sunk.  
They wouldn't hold water... those thoughts you had thunk.  
Would it be so silly to start from the start  
To challenge your thinking, and open your heart?  
Not laying the facts on the table... kerplunk!  
Then polluting them with old thoughts you had thunk.  
If we could just yield and let God reveal,  
We could tell what is false. We could tell what is real.  
We don't need to constantly, forever flunk  
Entrapped within mazes of thoughts we have thunk.  
Yielding is something we don't do too well.  
Submission's a subject that just doesn't sell.  
But if you're relying on thoughts you have thunk  
You're building a tow'r of your own Babalunk.  
This is the moment, and this is the day.  
The time to trust Jesus to show us the way.  
In His mind, He doesn't have thoughts you have thunk.  
Let Jesus recycle your theolojunk.  
copyright 1995, Bob and Kathy  

Last updated: Jun, 2013
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