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What must one do to be an Evolutionist?


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.


What Must One Do To Be An Evolutionist?

Short Answer

Those who decide to follow a career in Evolutionism, which isn't science, must subscribe to a different form of reasoning that allows them to filter out facts they don't like and make up "facts" that they need. They need to take New Age religion's attitude that deception is not a sin, that lying is not a sin, and that the whole idea of sin is a silly. In keeping with the New Age doctrine, they need to decide that the whole idea of right and wrong and good and evil are silly. In addition, they need to realize that the media, the public schools, the court system, and a great majority of bureaucrats are their New Age allies.

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Detailed Answer

If you choose to go into the evolutionist profession, here are two pieces of advice. Never question anything that seems to positively assert evolution. Evolution isn't science, making the task more difficult. Speak forcefully and positively as if you have some real data in spite of the fact that the more you look the more you realize that you have no facts but only have a growing stack of creative stories.

In addition to those two pieces of advice, you should also make sure you use presuppositions on top of presuppositions, just in case someone asks you some probing questions. By stacking up presuppositions, you may be able to keep those who question your dogma from finding out that you have never personally seen any real evidence of evolution. Don't answer any probing questions until after you have exhausted every stall. Practice vague phrases that sound like you are saying something while, in fact, you are saying nothing at all.


If all else fails, don't be afraid to make something up. After all, who really can check on you. Say something like, "I have a friend who is doing research in micro-biology at the University, and he has found proof of evolution at a microscopic level." It would take someone a lot of work and many questions to get you to admit that you don't know what you're talking about.

Some might think that these tactics are unethical, but, given that you don't believe in God, and you don't believe in the Bible, by what standard would it be wrong to lie? Who is really to say what is or isn't ethical. If you throw God and the Bible out, there is no standard by which it would be wrong to lie, so you are free from the constraints of God and the Bible and absolutely free to lie your little heart out. And, even if you decided to make up an arbitrary rule against lying, the definion of, "lie," is purely a fabrication of your own mind. You are not constrained by the Bible or the Spirit of God.

Just take the example of a recent U.S. President who redefined the word, "is," as well as some other words. It's doubtful that his Vice President is capable of telling the truth, yet look at how hard all the news commentators and newspapers have worked to move the former Vice President of the U.S. into the presidency, even though they were unsuccessful. Even now, the news media continues to try to put a positive spin on all the criminal activity, lies, and indecent behavior of that administration. As an evolutionist, you can depend on the support of this same power of the media.

You could also use the media as a role model. Watch how they spin the news trying to make the ungodly liberals appear good and trying to discredit the followers of Christ. Watch them ignore news that would be detrimental to New Age left wing candidates, while they just keep beating their drums over any news that might help the worldly liberal cause. After all of this, watch them, with a straight face, say that they are actually very conservative and right wing, maybe even Christian. They are truly dedicated to the New Age religion and would do anything to promote it.

These are the very skills that an evolutionist must develop.

Look at the dramas and sit-coms and notice how each one is designed to hypnotize people to believe in some part of the worldly liberal agenda. The worldly try to make all types of sin seem as if it were normal and good, and how they try to make purity seem odd or silly. They take the wonderful things that God has called holy in marriage and twist it for use outside of marriage, causing untold misery among the people whom they fool. Watch them glorify socialism and totally ignore the fact that socialism has always resulted in terrible cruelty. There are so many topics that they address that it would be impossible to list them all. And there are an almost endless number of techniques that they use to spread their worldly false gospel. See how they try to make anyone who serves God seem like a bigot, or weirdo, but those who are rebellious against God are portrayed as being good. Just watch them put evil for good and good for evil. Watch them put darkness for light and light for darkness. Then watch them deny having ever done so.

An aspiring evolutionist can learn a lot about how to deceive just by watching the so-called news and the so-called entertainment on TV.


To be an evolutionist, one must filter out some facts and make up other "facts." Evolution isn't science. The New Age religion's attitude says the idea of things like good, evil, sin, right, and wrong is a silly, and, as a result, there is nothing wrong with deception and lying. In addition, they need to realize that the media, the public schools, the court system, and a great majority of bureaucrats are their New Age allies.


Last updated: Jun, 2013
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