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What Is the Truth About Stem Cell Research?

  Adult Stem Cells Embryonic Stem Cells
Success against brain cancers  True  False
Success against other cancers  True  False
Success against multiple sclerosis  True  False
Success against rheumatoid arthritis True False
Success against sickle cell anemia True False
Success correcting stroke damage
True False
Success against limb gangrene True False
Success for corneal regeneration True False
Success correcting heart damage through heart tissue regeneration
True False
Success against Parkinson's disease True False
Success with spinal cord injury True False
Success against systemic lupus
True False
Success against Sjogren's syndrome True False
Success against autoimmune cytopenia True False
Success against scleromyxedema True False
Success against scleroderma True False
Success against Crohn's disease
True False
Success against Behcet's disease
True False
Success against polychondritis
True False
Success against juvenile arthritis
True False
Success against systemic vasculitis
True False
Success with corneal regeneration
True False
Success with surface wound healing
True False
Success against severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome
True False
Success against sideroblastic anemia True False
Success against aplastic anemia
True False
Success against red cell aplasia
True False
Success against amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopenia
True False
Success against thalassemia
True False
Success against primary amyloidosis
True False
Success against diamond blackfan anemia
True False
Success against fanconi's anemia
True False
Success against chronic Epstein-Barr infection
True False
Success against Sandhoff disease
True False
Success against Hurler's
True False
Success against osteogenesis imperfecta True False
Success against Krabbe Leukodystrophy
True False
Success against leukemia True False
Success against ovarian carcinoma True False
Success against multiple myeloma
True False
Success against non-Hodgkins's lymphoma
True False
Success against pancreatic tumors
True False
Success against True False
Have been used to treat one or more people True False
Grow uncontrollably in humans causing tumors False True
Requires a human to die so someone else can use that person's stem cells False True
Not proven to have any potential benefit False True
Bears the problem of transplant rejection False True


Based on information supplied by Wisconsin Right to Life and Dr. David A. Prentice

No Help From Embryonic (Humans) Research



federal minister Eric Abetz, noted recent reports about breakthroughs in the use of stem cells from non-embryonic sources, known as "adult" stem cells.

"By contrast, there has not been a single scientific success in the field of embryonic stem cell research," he was quoted as saying Monday.

"It is my personal belief that scientists should concentrate their efforts on adult stem cell research, which has shown very promising results, and abandon embryonic stem cell research, which involves the destruction of, and experimentation on, human life."



"These adult olfactory stem cells appear to have the same ability as embryonic stem cells in giving rise to many different cell types but have the advantage that they can be obtained from all individuals, even older people who might be most in need of stem cell therapies," he said.

Mackay-Sim noted that when stem cells were transplanted into the person they had come from in the first place, the problem of immune system rejection was avoided.

It was also very simple to extract the cells from the nose and relatively easy to grow and multiply them, he said.

In Maryland, as in other states, false hopes of nonexistent cures for numerous diseases were hung on embryonic stem cell research, while productive and ethical adult stem cell research was generally ignored. In Washington State, a similar bill was defeated. The Washington State bill tried to draw a distinction between different forms of cloning but pro-life forces in the state were able to show there is little, if no, difference. In Texas, numerous pieces of legislation are moving through the legislature, either to promote or stop embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cells are not only unethical but have also produced no viable treatments or cures. If state legislatures are dead set on investing valuable taxpayers' dollars they should look at adult stem cells and other research that has already provided beneficial results.


The Family Research Council


More and more frequently medical breakthroughs are made with adult stem cell research--success that has conspicuously eluded embryonic stem cell treatments. Perhaps Senator Specter is unaware that adult stem cell clinical trials are currently being conducted treating Hodgkin's Lymphoma. A search at shows 21 current clinical trials using adult stem cells (bone marrow, peripheral blood and cord blood) for treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Tony Perkins, 2005

Last updated: Feb, 2011
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