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United Nations Fact Sheet


1945: The United Nations was created with great hope, but the UN became riddled with corruption so terrible that it would be almost impossible to exaggerate. It was supposed to create world peace, but something happened. Instead of being a place where powerful countries could talk together, it became a power in itself.

As with virtually every human-engineered Babylonian tower to heaven, the United Nations has become the instrument of abuse. While the starry-eyed liberal media accomplish cover-up after cover-up, the supposed utopia-creating UN only creates havoc.

Oil for Food program turned out to be an oil money for weapons program.

Sex for Food in West Africa-- pedophilic activity with children as young as four years old.

Drug dealing in Cambodia.

Extortion in Kenya.

Sex slaves in the Balkans.

Pedophilic activity with Twelve-year-old girls in the Congo.

The liberal news media failed to report the fact that the UN has engaged in pedophilic activity in over 50% of their missions.

The UN does for needy countries what the United States welfare program did to inner city poor--it debilitates them. It comes in and teaches them to have no self worth, no ambition, no get up and go. It destroys societies by treating adults like children.

The UN brought the Kyoto Protocol that ruined the economies of many countries. President Bush wisely did not sign it. That and several other decisions, such as lowering taxes, brought the US economy out of recession.

The UN will not bring about world peace. Jesus predicted wars and rumors of wars, and that is exactly what we have. Every utopian dream that liberalism has introduced has been a disaster. Communism brought untold suffering and only got as far as socialism. The UN has been abusive and destructive--they have accomplished nothing. The social programs have destroyed families and created poverty. The public education programs have resulted in increased illiteracy and increased crime because children are taught that they are just animals and that there is no absolute right and no absolute wrong.

Last updated: Aug, 2010
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