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The subject of Socialism has done much to divide the Church. It may be possible that Christians should not be putting their efforts into establishing these dying systems. Socialism is simply an economic system. This is an argument about money between the Socialists (left wing) and the Free Enterprise people (right wing). Both groups claim to be absolutely correct. This is polarizing in the Church. There are differing opinions on Socialism among Christians. This is a very divisive issue in which all sides try to claim that they have the high moral ground. This page will serve to try to define the various opinions rather than to try to present the solution(s). would advise that we stay away from issues such as global warming, Socialism, and ending war. Rather, stick to the plain moral issues. Most of the time, people who are on the right side of moral issues tend to be on the right side of these other more cloudy issues. Keep in mind that Christians who are dedicated to Christ are more likely to pray for wisdom. If they pray for wisdom, they will receive it. Vote for, and encourage others to vote for, those who do not support abortion, efforts to destroy marriage or redefine marriage, homosexuality forced on our children, legalization of drugs, pushing of promiscuity, euthanasia, gambling, promiscuity and many other such things. Also there are the issues of teaching our children such evil lies as evolutionism, envy, liberalism, Materialism, Naturalism, occult practices, unthankfulness, godlessness, perversion, and promiscuity. These are such clear-cut issues that no Christian can rationally argue in favor of them. Read More

One of the problems you will come up against is that every moral precept of Scripture has been politicized and every moral precept of Scripture is being debated. Every single teaching of the Bible has been challenged and is being challenged by those who are not walking in the Spirit.

  • Pro-Socialism Opinion #1: "Redistribution of wealth is proof of a modern compassionate, caring society."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "Is that to suggest a sort of secular righteousness without Christ and love without the God Who is Love and from Whom all Love flows?"
  • Pro-Socialism Opinion #2: "Socialism simply makes things fair so a doctor makes the same wage as the ditch digger. It assures an equal outcome regardless of effort."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "Why then should anyone make any effort to work?"
      • Pro-Socialism Opinion: "Most people are naturally good and will do the right thing."
      • Pro-Socialism Opinion: "If people do not work, we can find other ways to motivate them."
      • Pro-Socialism Opinion: "Desire to make money is a poor motivator. People should work because they want to."
  • Pro-Socialism Opinion #3: "As Christians we should be willing to give to those in need."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "The point about Christians being willing to give has nothing to do with the idea that Christians ought to vote in such a way as to get the government to coerce unbelievers into giving."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "The real question is whether or not the secular government is the mechanism that God has chosen to solve all the problems of the world... or is it the Church?"
  • Pro-Socialism Opinion #4: Though we would prefer to choose how all of our charity is distributed, the truth is that non-governmental organizations and charities would not, in a modern society meet all the social needs presented.
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "As a Christian I have no problem "giving" to the poor and needy, I do have a problem with the government taking money from working individuals and giving it to the lazy, to those who want free abortions, to those who refuse to work and would rather just take from those who do work."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "Is there some Scripture to back up this doctrine that claims that God's purpose is to use Socialism administered by secular governments to meet all the social needs in the entire world?"
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "Isn't this a dream of a utopia as if we were going to try to create the Kingdom of God by human effort and without Jesus."
  • Pro-Socialism Opinion #5: As idealistic as it sounds to return to a time where the government was not involved in social issues and collecting the corresponding taxes that fund these programs, do you really think that removing the government ( in which every citizen has a right to participate and therefore is the most democratic of institutions) from social issues would be progressive?"
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "That's quite a conglomeration of several examples of poor reasoning."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "For a Socialist to claim that "removing the government" is the issue is a diversion, a straw man, and inappropriate. Removing the government is not the issue."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "This seems to claim that socialism has been successful in solving social problems, but that doesn't square with reality."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "This Pro-Socialist opinion lifts up democracy as if democracy were God's system. It is not. It is just the best of what we have among all the terrible earthly systems of government. In fact, the word, Laodicea, means the same thing as the word, democracy. The question is not whether or not we ought to be able to vote. Democracy is not God's form of government. Theocracy is God's form of government, but we must wait for God to establish His Kingdom. The fact, to vote with such a motive would be covetous, envious, and would also be stealing."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "Progressivism was a movement that began as part of the degradation in the late 1800s. Progressivism is the belief that Christian morality ought to be taught to unbelievers and that there is righteousness outside of Jesus Christ. There is no righteousness outside of Jesus Christ."
  • Pro-Socialism Opinion 6: "The Church is a Socialist system"
  • Pro-Socialism Opinion 7: "If we weren't taxed (for the good of all) who among us would really dig as deep into our pockets to the measure that God may ask of us? God is aware of this day and age that we are living in and we are to live peaceably and pray for our leaders...they are good men. Knock off the politics and keep the bond of faith my dear brothers and sisters!"
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "Only those who have the Holy Spirit would really dig into our pockets. We have seen this all along. This goodness through coercion is not a teaching of Scripture, but it is being presented as if it were a teaching of Scripture. This is very dangerous."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "It is offensive to declare one side of the argument (in this case, Socialism) to be the 'winner' and then turn around and pretend to be morally superior, and non-political. A person giving this reprimand should have either stayed above the argument and commanded to knock off the politics or else they should have stated their opinion and not tried to claim to be the one who is not involved in politics."
    • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "The fact is that the conservative approach is one that wants to do less with politics and the resulting governmental coercion and to let the church, rather than secular government, be the church. The Socialists are the ones who are political. Conservative Christians pulled way back in politics for quite a while, which is why abortion is legalized, Socialism is rampant, the Church is coming under persecution, and our children are being taught that darkness is light and light is darkness."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion #1: "Did Jesus command Christians to try to get the government to coerce unbelievers into giving their money to the poor or did He command Christians to reach into our own pockets?"
    • Pro-Socialism Opinion: "No, Jesus didn't ask Christians to try to get governments to coerce unbelievers into giving their money to the poor, but He did say render to Caesar what was Caesar's, and to honor those who were placed in authority over us."
      • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "The comment about rendering to Caesar and honoring those in authority misses the point. It is a straw man argument, a tricky ploy. No one has suggested not paying taxes nor has any suggested rebellion against authority. No one said anything about eliminating the government. The question is, what is the role of government? Is the secular government going to define the church, become the church, and take over the work of the church? This is the question."
      • Anti-Socialism Opinion: "The fictitious implication is that those who would want to elect conservatives who are breaking the law, but it is actually the liberals who are breaking the law. Nowhere in our Constitution (US in this case) does it give the Federal Government permission to hand out jobs, houses, education, healthcare, etc. There is a process to change the Constitution, but the liberals are changing the constitution in a way that is against the law."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion #2: "The systems that now exist are rapidly dying, including the political systems in the US, Canada, and throughout the world, but the church will go on into the coming eon. It seems that Socialism is a push to try to convert the human governments into a sort of Secular Humanist pseudo-church that would be some copy of the Kingdom of God without the King."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion #3: "Socialism is an economic system based on envy."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion #4: "Socialism tends to allow politicians to pick winners and losers. The winners they pick are those who will support them with campaign contributions or votes. The losers they pick are those who will support their opponents with campaign contributions or votes. Too often this picking of winners and losers takes the form of facism where opponents are singled out for prosecution or opponents simply disappear."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion #5: "The biblical command is that if a man will not work, neither should he eat."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion #6: "Socialism removes the incentive to work."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 7: "Socialism requires a government that is coercive in order to force the unwilling, which is just about everyone.
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 8: Once the Socialists have gotten the power, they can persecute Christians, and that is exactly what is happening around the world. Canada and the United States are being increasingly hostile toward Christians. Laws are being put in place to make sure that certain parts of the Bible are not taught."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 9: "Socialists generally, not always, support every sin mentioned in the ten commandments. The same people who support Socialism also support abortion, homosexual marriage, homosexuality forced on our children, legalization of drugs, pushing of promiscuity, and the list goes on. Many Christians have been brainwashed to the point where they cannot recognize that Socialism is covetousness and stealing, but they cannot claim such blindness for these other things." NOTE
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 10: "Socialist Christians have been sitting in the counsel of the ungodly for too long. That's the only place they could have gotten these ideas."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 11: "The Church has not been given the responsibility to try to get the government to take money from unbelievers and believers alike and then use the government to do the work that really is the responsibility of the Church. This is an attempt to convert the Church into Collectivism. Collectivism would include Socialism, Communism and all ideas that push for a Totalitarian central government that controls every aspect of life. Even in the early Church when they had all things common, it was voluntary and under the Unction of the Holy Spirit."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 17: "It is God's option to redistribute the wealth. He didn't put that work into the hands of human beings."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 18: "A form of Socialism crept into the Church during the dark ages and it was a disaster."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 19: "Human government does have enough power to coerce everyone into a fake "love" of sorts, but not real love. On the other hand, this seems to be so far from the Scriptural order that commands each of us to love his or her brother and sister through the power of the Holy Spirit as that power is released within us by the Holy Spirit. Without the Unction of the Holy Spirit, there can be no blessing."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 20: "Christians who are deceived by the ungodly precept of Socialism usually twist that Scriptures that refer to giving and helping the poor."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 21: "History tells us that Socialism creates poverty, which, in turn, causes more social needs. Socialism/Communism is Karl Marx's atheistic solution to the problems of the world. It is not a Christian solution. It does not come from the Spirit of Christ."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 22: "The government turns out to be a poor steward of the money, wasting it and using it to line the pockets of those who will assure that the politicians stay in power. They also use the money to push such things as the destruction of marriage, war on the Bible and anyone who believes the Bible, encouragement of promiscuity, pornography, perversion, and the killing of babies before they are born. A very small percentage goes to help the poor and that which does go to help the poor is administered in such a way as to hurt the poor."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 23: "The Secularists have forced God out of government so very few administrators do not seek the wisdom of God. When someone in the government does pray, such as President Bush who was also very socialistic, they are ridiculed by the liberals. As a result, governments tend to have very little wisdom in the administration."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 24: "Socialism creates an entitlement society, a society of dependents, and a society of no personal responsibility."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 25: "Collectivist forms of government are usually supposed to use this great control to create utopia, but they always seem to move toward fascism and oppression."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 26: Attempts to create Socialist or Communist governments are extensions of Humanism, not something that the Church is about. It's no wonder that we see such self-righteousness, contempt for Christ and His followers, slander and the bearing of false witness, and violence from those who promote Socialism and Communism.
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 27: Collectivism is an economic system that's based on covetousness. Collectivism can even be a democracy-one person, one vote: "We vote that you give us your money." Covetousness is a form of idolatry Colossians 3:5 And is forbidden in the Ten Commandments. Exodus 20:17, 2 Timothy 3:2, 2 Peter 2:14, Ephesians 5:3, Hebrews 13:5 Though often presented as a display of love and compassion, Socialism is actually just the opposite of love and compassion--since it is covetousness. Romans 13:9
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 28: "Socialist systems seem to always become systems that make state the god, cruel systems of government that usually make it illegal to follow Jesus Christ."
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 29: "Socialists are political. Non-socialists simply want to be left alone.
  • Anti-Socialism Opinion 30: "Socialism and Communism are also closely associated with cult Liberalism, which is based in the unreasonable belief that natural goodness is inherent in humanity. Liberalism is mainly a human goodness cult that redefines evil as goodness and redefines goodness as evil."

Last updated: Dec, 2012
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