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The Theory of Everything


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.


The Theory of Everything

The ungodly aren’t even close to a Theory of Everything, though.  The ungodly  do try to play both sides of the fence, claiming that evolution is a framework for everything until challenged regarding such unscientific stories as a-biogenesis, at which time they define evolution very narrowly?  Of course, if you ask an ungodly person for proof that molecules-to-man evolution actually did happen, you will see someone dodge this way and that way, change the subject, call names, become abusive, and do anything else just to avoid telling you that they can't do that.  They can't even come up with a fabrication of evolution that even gets along with what we know from science (see 15 questions for evolutionists). Their anti-God theories never work on their own, so how could you fit them together into a Theory of Everything?

On the other hand, Christians have always had The Theory of Everything.  Not that they know everything, but they have a framework that makes sense of everything that we can observe.  It explains everything we know about, personal, material, natural, spiritual, science-related, physical, social, etc.  It’s called the Bible.  There is nothing that it doesn't provide a framework for understanding at some level.  It even explains why we don't know some things.

Look at some of the things that the Bible as The Theory of Everything explains:

  • Where did we come from?
  • Why are we here?
  • Where are we going?
  • Why is the culture as it is?
  • Why is the Earth as it is?
  • Why is social interaction as it is?
  • Why is the culture attacking the Church and the family?
  • What is the pattern for the Church and for the family?
  • Why is marriage a life-long union between one man and one woman—why not some other arrangement?
  • Why is it wrong to steal, kill, lie, or cheat?
  • Why is it wrong to envy other people for what they have?
  • Why can’t people self-generate real righteousness?
  • Why do we need to serve God and love Him?
  • Where does all love come from?
  • Why is love, God’s Law, righteousness, and that which is by faith all the same thing?
  • How can we come to have Christ fully formed in us?
  • Why are some people dishonest?
  • The First Chapter of Genesis makes Jesus make sense:
    • Why did He do the things He did?
    • Why did He teach what He taught?
    • Why did He have to die?
    • What is sin and why is it a problem?
    • Why is God so merciful?
    • Why is their pain and suffering on the world?
    • Why is there evil in the world?
  • What is God doing about the problems, pain, suffering and death all around?
  • Why does the Universe appear to be designed from the solar system to the extremely complex and highly designed bacteria, to plants, animals, and people?
  • Why are there billions of dead things all over the Earth buried in sedimentary rock layers that appear to be laid down by a huge catastrophic flood a few thousand years ago?
  • Why does the Big Bang Theory need imaginary substances and energies and still not make sense while young-Universe cosmologies work very well without any such imaginary substances or energies or other finagle factors?
  • Why do the mountains and canyons and ocean formations look like they do?
  • Why are predominantly Christian countries better to live in?
  • Why were predominantly Christian countries at a great advantage scientifically?
  • Why was modern science itself born within the context of Christian belief in a rational God and man made in His image with a purpose and ability to seek out His ‘handywork?
  • Why do predominantly Christian countries support human rights, freedoms, and opportunities?
  • Why are Atheistic countries less desirable to live in?
  • How can we account for concepts like morality, fairness, right, wrong, good, and evil?
  • Why did the Church have to fall away from God during the dark ages?
  • Why do certain religions, such as Islam and Atheism, hate Christians so much?
  • Why are the ungodly so aggressive and hateful on the Internet, using bullying tactics, vulgarity, personal attacks, and ridicule in fighting against God if they just say they only doubt that He exists?
  • Why do the ungodly resort to childish tactics to attack Christians? 
  • Why do the ungodly speak of logic and science but so badly distort it when attacking God, the Bible, and Christians?
  • Why can’t the ungodly find any real problems with the Bible or with Jesus Christ.
  • Why does the Bible stop making sense to people who take parts out of it or add parts into it that aren’t actually there?
  • Why were so many of the founders of various fields of science Christians that accepted the biblical account of creation?
  • Why isn’t democracy the answer?
  • Why isn’t a totalitarian system of government the answer?
  • Why does free enterprise work?
  • Why doesn’t democracy seem to lead to freedom in non-Christian countries?
  • Why is there no proof for ungodly doctrines such as materialism, Naturalism, uniformitarianism, moralism, humanism, secularism, scientism, or rationalism?
  • Why have the ungodly been unable to put together a Theory of Everything?
  • Why do Evolutionists increasingly have to explain away the evidence or hide it altogether?
  • Why do all the dating methods depend on circular reasoning?
  • Why does all logic that does not have a starting point of revelation have a starting point that cannot be verified?
  • Why are the ungodly so afraid to see if God will actually reveal Himself to Him if they come to Him in humble submission and honest inquiry?
  • Why to the ungodly declare such rules as “Scientific Naturalism” to limit scientific inquiry and to censor out any facts regarding God and His work?
  • Why can’t the ungodly tell anyone how mutations and Natural Selection could have given rise to the vast amount of information in all organisms?
  • Why is evolution, which is supposed to be science, full of flimflam, smoke, mirrors, misdirection, every logical flaw imaginable, and political protectionism?
  • Why do millions of Christians experience a person God Who leads them, warns of danger, protects them with interventions that would be very strange to explain by Naturalism?
  • Why does Naturalism, which claims not to accept the supernatural, accept, without evidence, such supernatural events as everything creating itself from nothing, dark matter, dark energy, life from non-life, information from nowhere, natural laws from nowhere, order for no cause, and the list could go on?


Last updated: Jun, 2013
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