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Big Bang is Baloney


This page is provided to answer a specific question, but don't get tied up in detail and forget where you are going. You get past the questions/attacks so you can proclaim the Gospel. It is the proclamation of the Gospel, not argumentation, that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel. If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

Big Bang is Baloney

The Big Bang is speculative.  God forbids speculation.  Speculation quickly solidifies in the mind and becomes a stronghold, a lie that is difficult to overcome.  Lies are stumbling blocks.  Lies bind us spiritually.  It is the Truth, Jesus Christ, Who sets us free.

Many Christians have lost their faith because of speculations regarding the age of the Earth. These speculations usually put death before sin, eliminate the world-wide flood and replace it with millions of years, and eliminate the creation and replace it with billions of years. If death is before sin, then sin does not cause death. If sin does not cause death, that destroys the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They don't realize that the Big Bang Theory is not a theory in the scientific sense. It is merely a hypothesis that has long been debunked. It violates the First Law of Thermodynamics, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and Boyles Law. In survives on ad hoc hypotheses to rescue it from the junk heap. On the other hand, we know that, because of relativity (Einstein's Theory) the age of the Universe and the age of the Earth may vary depending where you put the clock. Time does not pass at the same rate throughout the Universe. Billions of years could have passed for those distant stars while only part of a day was passing in our own solar system. (Read more here).

Even thought everything that God reveals through Scripture points to a young Earth and all of the scientific observations that have been made can be used to support a young Earth more easily than they can be used to support an old Earth, yet we can't deny the possibility that God could have done something that Scripture doesn't hint at and that has left no scientific evidence. It is possible. It just is not worth the time to think about it.

More information on the Second Law of Thermodynamics can be found here & here & here & here & here

The big bang theory is not even a theory. It is a really silly story based on human creativity. A closed system can only go down to finally be equally dispersed heat. If the universe is a closed system, then, the universe could not have created itself. The universe is, in fact, an open system, and God created it. No other explanation works.

Did the "God Particle" Create Matter?

In an article titled "Millions of Dollars to Recreate a Myth," R. L. David Jolly writes the following"

"... by smashing the lead ions together that they will produce the same condition that existed just fractions of a second after a dense tiny ball of energy exploded some 13.7 billion years ago. They believe that at that fraction of a second after the Big Bang that there was a special state of matter dubbed the quark-gluon plasma, giving them clues to how it evolved into the state of matter that exists today. (Personally, I've always wondered where the dense tiny ball of energy came from to start with? If this ball of energy created the Big Bang, what created the first ball of energy?)"

In this same article, Mr. Jolly mentions that inflation (nothing to do with our economy), dark matter, and dark energy have never been observed by scientists or anyone else. And he quotes a letter from a group of scientists to the promoters of the Big Bang fairy tale: "In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical objects be accepted as a way of bridging the gap between theory and observation. It would at the least, raise serious questions about the validity of the underlying theory. But the big bang theory can't survive without these fudge factors."

This is all very obvious to anyone who does any investigation of the matter and has an open mind. In fact, there are many non-sciences that are trying to ride the coat tails of real science by calling themselves science. One of these non-sciences is evolution. Evolution also has never been observed. The fossil record shows it to be false. Increasingly, evolutionary articles try to explain away the facts so that they can still proclaim evolution.

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Last updated: Aug, 2013
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