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False Comparison


This example is taken from Answers in Genesis:

“Just as I wouldn’t expect a gynecologist to have a debate with somebody who believes in the Stork-theory of reproduction, I won’t do debates with Young Earth creationists,” he said.

Really, no reasonable person would expect a gynecologist to debate someone who believes in the Stork-theory. Human reproduction falls into the category of operational science. It’s testable and repeatable. But ideas about origins are not testable or observable—they fall into the category of historical science. So Dawkins’s claim of comparing the “Stork-theory of reproduction” to young-earth creation is patently false.

So, in the example given, Dawkins compares gynecology to the study of origins. But you can test gynecology directly and repeatedly in the present. It is impossible to test the past using the techniques of naturalistic/materialistic science. One of two things has to happen at an early point in saying what happened long ago. One is that you make it up as in naturalistic/materialistic science. This is called inductive reasoning. The other is that God reveals it directly, as by the Holy Spirit speaking to us directly through the Bible.

As always, historical understanding rests on either made-up stuff or on revelation.

Some things, we can know for sure. There are fossils of things that lived long ago buried in water-born mud that turned into rock under immense pressure. We can tell that all the dating methods are dependent on assumptions, so you can make things old or young depending on your assumptions. We know that the fossils are loosely sorted and we are continually finding increasingly more overlap of fossils outside of the layers that evolutionists expected them to be in. We can observe that even finding soft tissue, blood, and DNA intact in dinosaur fossils doesn't affect the ability to evolutionists to believe their timeline. We can observe that distant galaxies are billions of light-years from the Earth. We can observe that there are no workable theories to explain the horizon problem in these distant galaxies from the billions-of-years of time perspective.

These are all things we can observe. We cannot observe the Heavens and Earth being formed as we can observe a baby being formed in the womb. This is why Dawkins comparison is a faulty comparison and is a lie.

Evolutionists, Atheists, No-Flooders, Old-Earthers, and Big-Bangers constantly use this type of lie to suppress the truth in unrighteousness.


Last updated: Dec, 2013
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