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Humanistic Speculations Have A Way Of Creeping Into The Church. They Are Poison From The Evil One.


Humanistic Speculations

Whether a member of the New Age, the Humanist movement, the Intellectualism movement, the Agnostic movement, the Atheist movement, or whatever the movement (we're referring to ungodly anti-Christ movements), an incredible thing seems to happen almost every time the ungodly express themselves. They first assert that they stick to facts, then they smoothly transition to a fictional story, and then they insist that the story is a fact. Even when caught in the act, they stick to their story. From an ungodly news caster who produces phony documents to the evolutionist's wild stories about transitional forms to ecologist's amazing tales about global warming, the pattern seems to hold. Part of this is due to the Law of Logical Argument: "Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about." However, many of these people are neither ignorant nor stupid. They just have a need to perpetrate a lie.

An evolutionist will start by giving a lecture about the importance of science and only accepting observation and mathematical logic. That evolutionist will then state that he or she is THE EXAMPLE to be followed. They may take a few swings at anyone who doesn't buy into evolutionism as being unscientific.

Well, all of that is fine, but then they very smoothly begin to tell a story. That story will always contain some facts, just as all good fiction has enough real-world truth to carry the story line. The problem is that the story would not have an evolutionary point to it if the author of the story were to leave out the fiction. And they present the story as if it were science. Yet the story is pure nonsense.

The shear volume of these stories is amazing. Rather than having us follow the rule, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me," they want us to believe that, because of the quantity of stories, there must be something out there with some truth in it. Each story must be dealt with as a separate point, but, when caught in the lie, the ungodly will insist: "everybody makes a little bitty mistake sometimes, but there are other stories that are no doubt true." And tomorrow they will come out with a new story. While you are researching that new story and finding out that it was another lie, they will be developing fourteen more stories. When a group of people have shown themselves to be that unreliable, we must step back from them and stop listening to them.

You can hardly believe it when the ungodly news caster finally admits that those documents were counterfeit, but he still insists that the story (that was based on the counterfeit documents) was true anyway. This is the pattern of the ungodly. And the news caster never admitted that several experts had told him that the documents were fakes, though everyone found out about that fact anyway. This is exactly what the evolution, socialism, and global warming people do. It is not isolated. It's wide-spread. It happens over and over again.

The Bible has no doctrine on global warming, but we can certainly see the tendency of the world to try to dream up one doomsday idea after another to gain power and money. We know that the earth is the Lord's and the fulness there of. We know for sure that we should not be sitting in the counsel of the ungodly--and the people pushing these various theories are ungodly.

When you see a professor, with a straight face, line up several fossils in order of similarity and declare that they prove evolution, it is just as amazing. Of course, any group of objects can be lined up in order of similarity, but we know that that does not show that anything has evolved into anything else. It is a goofy magic trick to fool the gullible. Evolutionists know that this is false logic, yet they keep fooling students with it. Evolutionists know that the fossil record story is bogus, yet they deceptively teach that the fossil record proves evolution. They know that the geologic column (the fake one in the text books) exists nowhere in the real world, that it only exists in text books, yet they tell the story over and over about this fictitious column. (Only 1% of the Earth's surface has all ten Phanerozoic systems. At to that the fact that this supposed column should be 100-200 miles thick if the Billions-of-Years assumptions are correct. It is less than 10% of this thickness in the best example.) They tell the story of the big bang as if it were something that might be possible. Not only that, they tell it as if it actually happened. And it's just a creative story, and a really silly one. And they have many other such stories.

These ungodly, anti-Christ people are the same people who scoff at God and the idea that God could reveal His will to humans. They reject the love of God. The ungodly have shown themselves to be unreliable. No one has ever found an error in the Bible, yet these are the people who reject the Bible, or want to add their creative stories to the Bible. Good advice is to take anything that the ungodly say with a grain of salt. You may have to learn to parrot back some nonsense to get a passing grade, but remember that they are making you drink sewer water.

These ungodly, who have totally given up their right to be trusted, are still very bold to ridicule the faith of Jesus Christ. They make fun of ideas like angels, heaven, hell, and prayer. Yet their whole foundation is a series of made up stories. You will do well reject the advice of the ungodly. Sometimes you may be forced into a situation where you have to listen to their stories, but other than that, avoid them.



Last updated: Nov, 2011
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