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Why Are There Liberals?


Why are there liberals?

  • Liberals become liberal for many reasons.  Here is a fairly comprehensive list:  
  • A very few are true Communists (left wing), but others may just have poor math skills.  
  • Some don't have a sense of history and are not aware of the torment that socialist "utopias" bring.  
  • Some have no respect for God, or want to put other gods before God.  
  • Some don't believe that God's laws should be the basis of the laws of the land; they want the New Age religion's counterpart, which is called "Political Correctness," to be the basis of the laws.  
  • Some don't have respect for God-given authority.  They want to change the order of the home.  
  • Some want to kill babies in the womb, plus any of the weak, the sickly, and those who cannot defend themselves.  
  • Some want to pervert marriage and promote one type of perversion or another.  Some are addicted to pornography of one type or another.  
  • Some want sensual pleasure, drugs, or other such things.  
  • Some want to use the government to steal money from one group of people and give that money to another group of people.  
  • Some liberals want the government to steal money from one group of people.  They then want to receive that money from the government, so the money moves from the people who earned it to the people who did not earn it.  They feel that they have a right to that money.  This is called the welfare mentality.  
  • Some liberals want to use the government to steal money from everyone and  buy things for themselves.  These liberals may be quite well to do, but they want big toys and fancy buildings and lands and they want others to pay for their toys, buildings, and whatever else enters their minds.  This mindset is also called the welfare mentality.  
  • Some have been brainwashed by the liberal news media, the liberal school teachers and professors, the liberal entertainment media, and liberal friends, and they have believed these who bear false witness.  They then join the ranks of those who bear false witness.  
  • Some are covetous.  They burn with envy and greed, wanting to have what others have worked for.  
  • Some people are liberals because they are going with the flow.  They may be attending a liberal university, for instance, and all non-liberals are keeping quiet, so they think that everyone else is liberal.  They basically cave to coercion.  
  • Liberalism is a smorgasbord dogma and some people like to do what they want to do rather than what God says to do.  Liberalism says, "Do as thou wilt."  So does the Satanic Bible.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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