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How Do Liberals Think Differently From The Followers Of Christ?


How Do Liberals Think Differently from the Followers of Christ?

There is a counterfeit for everything good that God has given. God has always used judgment to show the difference between the counterfeit and the real, the good and the evil, the light and the darkness. The enemy of our souls is always working to blur the lines and make good seem evil and to make evil seem as if it were good. This chart may help in sorting things out.


Subject Counterfeit Real
Truth Relativism. No absolutes. Can't know. No truth. No right.No wrong. No reality. Just winners and losers. Absolutes. We know nothing as we ought, but God has revealed some things to us and those are ours. The Truth is actually a person, Jesus.
Knowledge Rationalized speculation overrides observation and replaces revelation. Even the Bible is understood based on rationalized speculation. It is important to thoroughly rationalize all speculation so that the speculation does not appear to be what it is. Revelation never conflicts with actual observation or with the Bible. Rationalized speculation is foolishness. All speculation is foolishness. Speculations should not be rationalized nor should they be made to appear spiritual.
Reason Enough logic and observation to rationalize the speculation and give the appearance of something that makes sense. Intellect is god and is the source of knowledge, wisdom, and deliverance. Reason is rationalized speculation.

Observation, logic, and the Bible are in harmony, and God reveals much to those who seek Him. Intellect and reason are not God but intellect is a gift from God and needs to be yielded to God. Come, let us reason together, says the Lord.


Faith (not real faith, but pseudo-faith) equals unproven and unprovable assumptions and presuppositions. Faith (not real faith, but pseudo-faith) is blind. Faith (not real faith, but pseudo-faith) consists of rationalized speculations. Rationalized speculations consist of making up, adding to, filtering, and distorting the Bible and observed facts.

Faith comes by hearing a word from God; it is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith sees what God is going to do through spiritual eyes of hope. Faith never conflicts with Scripture or observed facts, but often conflicts with and trumps rationalized speculations.


Hope is "I hope so." It is merely a wish.

Hope is sure and has a vision from God as to what God is planning to do and how God is planning to bless.


Memorized, lifeless dogma and powerless dead form and ritual. The counterfeit thinks that spiritual power is exists only in the occult.

True religion can be seen in serving widows and orphans. True religion is Faith that shows itself through works. The works of true religion are directed and guided by the Spirit of God and it is always God who does the works through the Christian.

The Light that lights every person Everyone is a god. Christ was a god. Each person just has to discover the fact that he or she is god. All are in the image of god, so that means that every person is a god.

Every person is lighted by God. Many reject Him because they love darkness more than they love God. They want to be their own god or to have some other god, so they reject the true God.


Various types of sensual pleasure or emotions are called "love." Friendship and rapport are called "love." Social programs that take money from one group of people and give it to another group of people are called "love."

Love is one of the things in life that is eternal. God is love. All love comes from God. God's love shines on every person, but many reject His love because they desire darkness and the absence of love. Sin is the absence of love. Fornication is not love. Emotion is not love.


Sin doesn't exist, except if someone were to say that there is such a thing as sin. That would be a sin. Do what you want. No one can tell you what is right or wrong for you. Sin is inherent in every person. Since Adam sinned, sin has passed on to all his descendents. The only way to overcome sin is through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Every person may partake of Jesus.
Peace Peace is a movement to stop all wars. If there were no people who worshiped God or believed in truth, then there would be no wars. Peace comes from God. Jesus predicted the wars up until the end of the age. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and peace has to start with a relationship between you and Jesus.
Joy Pleasure, getting what you want and winning are the sources of joy. Joy is simple emotion. Joy is a fruit that flows from the Spirit of God if we walk in submission to the Spirit.
The Spirit

Human emotion with all the emotional manifestations.

The Spirit of God and the third person of the Trinity. The Spirit of God moves on every person but forces Himself on no one. The Spirit is not emotion, though the human body may respond to Him with emotion. There are various levels of experience with the Spirit of God, and everyone who keeps seeking the Spirit gets the Spirit from the Father.



"It's an impossible task, but liberals are trying to appeal both to Christians and Christian-haters at the same time. They can't possibly win without at least some votes from the former, yet the latter - their base - provides the party's energy, activism, and cash."

Rush Limbaugh, speaking on the effort of the far left to try to convince Americans that Christians are dangerous fascists.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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