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The Tenets And Characteristics Of Liberalism.


The Tenets and Characteristics of Liberalism

And Scriptures to demonstrate that these tenets are evil

Self-righteousness Ecclesiastes 7:20

Do as thou wilt. Ability to change tenets at any time. Ability to pick one's own tenets from among many tenets. Matthew 15:9

Feeling that every person has his or her own reality. Believing in relativism: moral, spiritual, or physical. Feeling that, "My opinion is just as valid as yours." Thinking that all things are relative. Minds closed to the concept of real truth. Believing that there is no such thing as a lie. Believing that there is no right or wrong, just winners and losers Matthew 15:9

Trying to convince themselves that there is no real almighty God Hebrews 11:6

The god of forces, or many gods, or all is god, or no one can know God, or no God. Anything but the God of the Bible. Exodus 20:3

Ability to hold two or more mutually exclusive tenets to be true at the same time. Compartmentalization of areas of thought to allow for conflicting and chaotic thought processes--and promoting these same chaotic thought processes. Romans 1:28

Believing that the government can solve all problems, or believing in socialism in some form and ignoring the violent history of socialism and human "utopia." Jeremiah 17

Ignoring the violent history of rationalized speculation. Jeremiah 17

Use of covetousness to rally support. Socialism/Communism is an economic/governmental system based on covetousness. Exodus 20:17

Desire to give the money of one group of people to a second group of people in order to gain the support of the second group of people. Exodus 20:17

Drugs and alcohol abuse. Proverbs 31:4 Revelation 21:8

All types of sexual activity outside of marriage between one man and one woman. Romans 13:8-10

Strong emphasis on materialism. Romans 1:28

Belief in rationalized speculation as the source for knowledge and wisdom. Numbers 15:39

New Age religions are promoted. Exodus 20:3

Biblical Christianity is not tolerated. Minds closed to the revelation in the Bible. Numbers 15:39

Minds closed to the authority of God. Romans 1:28

Minds closed to the atoning work of Christ or even the knowledge that they need a Savior.

Minds closed to the righteousness that is only available in Christ.

Minds closed to God's ability to reveal Himself to each person. Hebrews 11:6

Minds closed to the Holy Spirit.

Minds closed to the gifts of the Spirit that are only available through Christ.

Minds closed to Biblical Family order and Biblical Church order.

Adding to or taking from the Bible to make it "acceptable." Numbers 15:39

Acceptance of pseudo-science based on rationalized speculation. Jeremiah 17:9

Abortion and Euthanasia.

Tendency to speak of passivism while endorsing violence.

Requiring no internal consistency from self or from liberal gurus.

Of course, all of this runs into problems with the Bible, so liberals, in general, try to imply that they can add to or eliminate parts of the Bible. A favorite tactic is to try to say that there are errors in the Bible.


The liberal mind-set is always looking to over turn God's law by any means. One method that they use is simply to be offended. They are easily offended about nothing at all. And they feel that they can be as offensive as a human being could be, but no one should say anything about that.

Liberalism is a smorgasbord dogma, though. That means that some liberals may both believe in "the natural goodness of humans" and also do not believe in "the natural goodness of humans." Some may even not believe in the prime directive of Liberalism (human goodness) at all. They may have been brought into the fold by some other route such as through being seduced into the welfare mentality by looking for some government freebie. They may have been brought in through being brainwashed by the news media, entertainment media, or public education systems.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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