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Does it seem to you that liberals don't like Christians?


Why Do Liberals Hate Christians?  


Why do they dislike us so much?  Why do the liberals say that Christians are "a bunch or murderous Nazis, skinheads and racists.  It's odd, because the Nazis, skinheads, and racists are anti-Christ.  This is an odd accusation when the liberals are supportive of organizations like the racist KKK, not the Christians.  In fact, the Bible speaks of one race, but liberal evolutionistic thinking says that races are examples of those who are at different levels of evolution.  The liberals accuse Christians of being fascists, yet Christians tend to favor free enterprise, while liberals tend to favor socialism.  And it is socialism that leads to fascism, not free enterprise.  Horowitz says, "The passions that motivate [liberals] are self-righteousness and hate: They hate you. They think you're evil."  Very much like Nero hated Christians, the liberals hate Christians.


Someone may object by saying, "I'm a Christian and a Liberal."  If that is true, Ask them how they feel about Christians who take the Bible as it is written.  They would term that as taking the Bible literally, which is not the most accurate way to state it.  Liberal Christians interpret the Bible by their own minds.  They don't end up with the Bible when they are done.  It is a rare thing to find a person who has a liberal philosophy and actually has a close walk with God.  A close walk with God would take them away from their liberal philosophy.  They tend to be judgmental toward those Christians who are being lead by God into righteousness and holiness.  Just the idea that the sexual morals that God sets out in the Bible will tend to make them angry.  If there is such a Christian, see if you can minister to them and bring them out of their bondage and spiritual blindness.  


Liberals are not tolerant.  They never were.  They accuse Christians of the very faults that they, the liberals have.  They are intolerant of Christ and any who follow Him.  The difference is that they own nearly every means of communication: the media, the schools, the courts, and half the churches.  As the liberals are quick to point out, whoever wins gets to write the history.  What liberals don't count on is that there actually is Truth and God is real and just and all-knowing.


Recently, in a conversation with a liberal, we were actually talking about the option of putting all the Christians into concentration camps.  The liberal, full of self-confidence, expressed it this way: "Well, what do you expect?  You know, those people actually get together (his eyes got wider) and they raise their hands (he raised his hands and made and indescribable face) and they shout halleluiah." 

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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