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Self-Sealing Argument Fallacy


Self-Sealing Argument Fallacy

Tje Self-Sealing Argument Fallacy occurs when an argument is made that no evidence can possibly refute, and yet there is no evidence that proves that the conclusion is true. This can be accomplished several ways. One is to claim that the other person has some insurmountable deficit that prevents him/her from being able to understand the argument. Another way this is accomplished is by making the proof and the conclusion say the same thing. Another way is to rationalize away any evidence that conflicts with the argument, often, with just-so stories. Self-sealing arguments are actually implemented by other fallacies.

Examples of the Self-Sealing Argument Fallacy

Sandra: “Evolution is settled science."

Sandra uses the word, "settled." She means that the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story is self-sealing. There is no evidence that can disprove this story (in the minds of adherents). At any given time, it is said that there is something that would falsify the story. However, when those criteria have been met, they are discarded and a new set of criteria for falsification is going. By constantly moving the goalposts, there is never any evidence that can possibly refute evolutionism. The story merely morphs to fit whatever facts are found. Historically, whenever evidence is found against it, a new just-so story is made up to explain away the evidence. If the many just-so stories are pointed out, then it is claimed that this is how science works. Evidence that cannot be explained away is ignored. Coercion is used to eliminate any dissenters from the discussion.

Sandra: “I know that my doctrine is correct and complete because it is based on the Bible, and there is no evidence that would sway me."

Sandra's statement about doctrine cannot be correct if she based it on the Bible, since the text of the Bible says that if any person thinks that he/she knows anything, that person doesn't know it as they ought to know it. The walk with Jesus is a progressive walk from glory to glory. It is a walk of unfolding revelation. It is a walk of ever-deeper personal intimacy with God. It is a journey that consists of constant life-changing experiences in which the human self dies and Christ is built up in the follower of Christ. As a result, when we walk with Him, we don't stay in the same place. We don't base this walk on the foundation of the Bible as Sandra said. The walk with Jesus is NOT about figuring out new theologies. It is about knowing the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus speaks to us through the Bible and says, "There is no other foundation (basis) that can be laid than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Doctrine is revealed line on line and precept on precept. When any person stops receiving revelation, that person stops moving on with God.

Fallacy Abuse

Sandra: “When you say that I must be born again to see the Kingdom of God, you are committing the self-sealing argument fallacy. According to you, there is no way to debate you, since you claim that I have an insurmountable deficit that keeps me from seeing or understanding.”

Roxanne: “There is nothing insurmountable here unless you refuse to look at the evidence. If you had the proof, and you told me that unless I looked through your microscope I would not be able to see the evidence, this is very similar to what I am telling you. You can easily examine the evidence, but you would need to be willing to be born again. If you realize that you have fallen short of perfection, I am telling you, by the revelation of God, that you deserve God’s judgment and God is just and will judge you because He is just. You owe a debt you cannot pay. Fortunately, Jesus paid the debt. He is willing to both pardon you and to deliver you from your sinful nature. If you accept this, then you will be equipped with vision to begin seeing the Kingdom of God.”

Last updated: Sep, 2014
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