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Tactic of Hate Mongering


Tactic of Hate Mongering

Hate mongering occurs when hate is used to persuade masses of people.

Examples of the Tactic of Hate Mongering

The use of network news, movies, Universities and all forms of media to try to stir up hate for Bible-believing Christians. Dawkins comparing creationists to Holocaust-deniers.

Bill Nye arguing against Creation science: "So, I want everyone to consider, If we accept Ken Ham's point of view . . . that the Bible, as translated into American English, serves as a science text and he and his followers will interpret that for you, I want you to consider what that means ... It means that Ken Ham's word, or his interpretation of these other words, is somehow to be more respected than what you can observe in nature, what you can find in your backyard in Kentucky. It’s a troubling and unsettling point of view and it’s one I very much would like you to address when you come back."

“that the Bible serves as a science text and he [Ken] and his followers will interpret that for you,” There is a lot of irrationality in Bill's paragraph, but we want to focus on this one line. Bill Nye is also committing the logical fallacy of appeal to emotion, trying to incite emotion against Ken Ham by implying that Ken Ham is trying to control them. This is a form of hate mongering. Bill Nye again uses this ad hominem fallacy and innuendo to try to convey an idea that Ken Ham is some sort of little cult leader, but God's Spirit is much bigger than Ken Ham. What God is doing in the Earth is much bigger than a single person. There are no big shots in the Body of Christ. Some have more responsibility, though. As far as Bill's false innuendo that very few believe God as He speaks through Scripture, according to recent polls, about 45 percent of Americans say they believe in creation. Most Americans don't believe the big-bang-billions-of-years-molecules-to-man story. (source) (source) These are productive contributors to society and many are scientists in such fields as chemistry, physics, engineering, medicine, etc. (source) Bill Nye is attempting to demonize and marginalize, to paint Ken Ham as some sort of cult leader with a few misguided followers. Both demonizing and marginalizing are logical fallacies meant to play to the crowd rather than to deal rationally with the issue at hand. In addition, Bill Nye used the fallacy of the outright lie by implying that Ken Ham is the leader of those who believe the Bible. Jesus Christ is the leader and always will be, and Ken Ham is a follower of Christ. In fact, the reason that people believe what they read in the Bible is because they led by the writer of the Text on a moment-by-moment basis. And Jesus Christ speaks to them through the Bible. A lot of people know about Ken because of the work that he does, but there are many other people who are also serving Christ in various ways who do equally important work, believing God as He leads, and knowing that the history that God wrote into the Bible through His holy prophets is without error. What Ken Ham said was that it is reasonable to compare the big-bang-billions-of-years-molecules-to-man story, which is based on arbitrary assumptions, to the revelation that God is speaking to us through the Bible. And the revelation fits the scientific facts, while the big-bang-billions-of-years-molecules-to-man story does not fit the facts. In fact, God speaks to us through creation. The scientific facts are revelation. Those who believe the big-bang-billions-of-years-molecules-to-man story have simply added to what God says through creation or taken from what God is saying through creation, and added and subtracted from His words using assumptions.


Last updated: Sep, 2014
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