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Tactics and Mind Games



Whenever a logical fallacy is committed, the fallacy has its roots in Agrippa's trilemma which is simply the fact that the foundation of all human thought (without Divine revelation) is one of three unhappy possibilities. These three possibilities are infinite regression, circular reasoning, or bare assertions without any evidence. Infinite regression and circular reasoning are mere smokescreens for bare assertions, so in the final analysis, there is only one fallacy and many ways to commit it or hide it. That logical fallacy is bare assertion. A bare assertion is an assumption. An assumption is something that is said to be true when it is not known to be true. Saying that something is true without knowing it to be true is lying. Lying is the father of all logical fallacies. Lies can be told on purpose, by mistake, or my ignorance.


Tactics and Mind Games (using deceptive tricks of various kinds that go beyond statements)

  • Message control is a logical fallacy Message control: occurs when attempts are made to keep any conflicting information, opinion, or comment from being made. The ACLU is actively involved in message control, limiting the information about the severe problems with the story of evolution as much as possible.
  • Sanctioning the Devil Fallacy: occurs when a debate or discussion is avoided on the rationale that debating or discussing would give undue credit to an opinion. This is a form of the message control tactic. It is also a form of declaring victory fallacy. In effect, it is saying, “I’m absolutely right. They are absolutely wrong. End of discussion!” That would be a summary dismissal. As a side note, one would think that the fallacy would be named “Avoiding Sanctioning the Devil,” since the fallacy is avoiding sanctioning. EXAMPLE “We are not going to give those heretics a platform.” Keep in mind that the word, "heretic," has to do with causing division, not with doctrine. Speculative doctrine can be divisive, however. In fact, most denominations/divisions in the Church exist because of speculative doctrine of one kind or another. EXAMPLE Those who believe the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story tend to avoid open-forum discussions with those who don’t believe it. They have the political advantage and seem to prefer to present both sides of the issue from a slanted viewpoint, often to a captive and intimidated audience. Bill Nye took a lot of heat from the Secular Humanist community for debating Ken Ham on Creation-Flood versus the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story simply because the Secular Humanists have been able to control the message to a large extent.
  • Dominating the Conversation: occurs when one person or group of persons attempts to eliminate opinions other than their own by talking non-stop or interrupting constantly. A filibuster is a tactic by a minority party in politics, and is more of a way to stop an action by force than a deceptive practice. Each use of this tactic would need to be evaluated for other fallacies. Dominating the conversation is a deceptive practice, or tactic, of message control. EXAMPLE A talk-show host has a guest, and there is sharp disagreement. The guest tries to talk over the host and the host tries to talk over the guest. EXAMPLE There is a group discussion and one of the people in the discussion begins interrupting whenever any of the other participants say anything with which they personally disagree. Eventually the other participants keep talking even though the other person is talking over them, so the person interrupting raises his/her voice and both talk together, so that no one can discern what either of them is saying. EXAMPLE A rally is held in the public square and a speaker is shouted down by a small group of protestor with megaphones continually repeating a simplistic chant, usually a rhyme that goes, “Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! And then a line that rhymes with Ho!” The poetry is sad, but the other message cannot be heard and evaluated and that's all that counts when knowing the truth is not the goal.
  • Spamming: occurs when one side of an argument is stated universally across many forms of communication to the exclusion of the other sides of the argument. This is a form of message control and the opposite side of quenching. EXAMPLE If you use a search engine, for instance, Google, to search on anything related to the creation versus evolution debate, you will find one or two pages that favor creation and all the rest of the pages will favor evolution. This is interesting since the population is about equally divided on these two issues. What is really interesting is the preponderance of Atheistic pages among the search results when believers in atheistic philosophy represent such a small portion of society. What the cause of this imbalance is would be hard to determine, but the fact that it exists indicates tremendous effort on the part of the Atheistic community.
  • Quenching: occurs when a deliberate attempt is made to keep any opinions other than the favored opinion from receiving any attention rather than rational discussion. This is a form of message control and the opposite side of spamming. EXAMPLE Self-Declared Atheist, Jerry Coyne: "... he [Bill Nye] should just continue to write and talk about the issue on his own, and not debate creationists. By so doing, he gives them credibility simply by appearing beside them on the platform."  The debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham was met with great resistance from the Atheistic community. This is one example. There used to be substantial debate on this issue. The evolutionist didn't do well. Then the people who refuse to acknowledge God began refusing to debate decades ago as if an agreement had been made among the people who refuse to acknowledge God that they would not debate Creationists. While debates have no effect on reality and generally are won by the more skilled debater rather than the one who is right, evolutionism does much better when it can sensor the information presented.
  • Propaganda: occurs when a massive amount of disinformation is put out supporting a certain view without giving any alternative view or showing the problems with the favored view, repeating a false or unproven message through many outlets (for instance, museums, schools, seminars, news, movies, songs, Internet trolls, disproportionate representations in webpages, and even churches). This is a form of spamming. Evolution, old Earth, relativistic morality, concepts of a powerless god or many gods, dependence on rationalism as the basis of logic rather than revelation, Naturalism, Materialism, and the concept of supposed error in Scripture being propagated through museums, schools, seminars, news, movies, songs, Internet trolls, disproportionate representations in webpages, and even churches. EXAMPLE PBS show, Evolution.
  • Subversion: occurs when attempts are made to subvert loyalty or belief. EXAMPLES The public schools and Universities have systems and teachings in place that result in students feeling pressured to commit sexual sins. When the young people yield to the pressure, their faith is subverted. Baalim taught Balak that he could subvert Israel and take away their blessing by having Balak's young women seduce the Israelites.
  • Needling: occurs when one person tries to make another person angry rather than dealing with the issues being discussed.
  • Infiltration / Hostile Takeover: occurs when an organization is infiltrated or taken over by those opposed to the organization's purpose. Non-Christians have infiltrated the Christian churches and organizations with various motivations. A common battle cry is, "If you can't beat them, join them and then beat them." EXAMPLE At one time, most, if not all, major universities were Christian, but they were subverted from within. At one time, both the YMCA and the YWCA were Christian organizations but they were subverted from within.
  • Intimidation: occurs when any of the many forms of intimidation tactics are used rather than rational reasoning. This is not to be confused with the logical fallacy of proof by intimidation / argument from intimidation. The movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and the book, Slaughter of the Dissidents, give many examples.
  • Argument by Question: occurs when a question is asked that isn’t easily answered. It is an argument from ignorance. This tactic is often used in front of an audience, since the audience is able to understand the question but is sometimes not able to understand the answer. It usually takes longer to answer a question than to ask the question. There are several related fallacies, including tossing the elephant, failure to state, and argument from ignorance.
  • Argument by Rhetorical Question: occurs when a question is asked, but an answer isn’t expected. The question is asked to make a statement rather than to learn anything.
  • Discrimination: occurs when systematic discrimination limits those in control of an organization (that claims to be neutral) to only those who are sympathetic to a certain point of view. Professors who question evolution are freely discriminated against in most Universities and scientific journals.
  • Popular image: occurs when a popular image is cast for a person or an opinion rather than dealing with the soundness of the argument. EXAMPLES Politicians, televangelists, and movie stars who carefully guard their public image using many presentation and public relations techniques. Wendy Davis glamorizing her life story with a few tweaks to reality. Al Gore wearing stage make up to resemble Ronald Reagan and platform shoes to appear taller than his debating opponent. see The Baloney Detector
  • The Tactic of storytelling: occurs whenever stories are used to bypass critical thinking. EXAMPLE Movies produce a true trance state and allow for hypnotic suggestion. Every movie has at least one theme. The theme should be recognized and then scrutinized for validity. This is one of the skills taught in Neuro linguistic programming.
  • Misreporting in Mass Media: occurs when various forms of large-scale communication are used propagate a lie. EXAMPLE A.P. reporter claims that George W. Bush thought it was funny when Bill Clinton had a health issue, when, in fact, the rally that Bush was leading stopped at the news for prayer for Bill Clinton. When the reporter told the lie, news agencies around the world propagated the story without checking it.
  • Suggestion: occurs when certain ideas are implanted in minds indirectly through suggestion rather than being plainly stated.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming: is a complex hypnotic technique (combination of techniques) that can be learned for sales, politics, personal agendas, flimflam, or mental therapy. EXAMPLE Sandy: "Obviously, you already may be having an increasing desire to consider alternative ideas to those that you had read in the Bible." Rocky: "But, to whom is this obvious? And what make you think that I know this? And isn't the word, 'already,' also a hidden presupposition? And isn't the phrase, 'may be having an' used for suggestion? And isn't the word, 'increasing,' assuming that I have any desire at all to consider what you are pushing? And isn't the word, 'ideas,' used to equate revelation with the ideas that humans come up with?" This nesting of techniques to overload the mind is one of the techniques of neuro linguistic programming that is used by those who want to influence others to their own ways of thinking. It would be very difficult for anyone to sort all this out during a conversation as Rocky did, however.
  • Fear Mongering/Scare Tactics: occurs when fear is used to persuade masses of people. EXAMPLE Network news, movies, University classrooms, and all forms of media are used to try to stir up fear of Bible-believing Christians. EXAMPLE Bill Nye, arguing against Creation science: "Creationism frightens me." fear mongering
  • Hate Mongering: occurs when hate is used to persuade masses of people. Network news, movies, University classrooms, and all forms of media are used to try to stir up hate for Bible-believing Christians. EXAMPLE Dawkins compares creationists to Holocaust-deniers. By the way, this is reversible logic. Creation-deniers and Flood deniers could also be compared to Holocaust-deniers. Dawkins again resorts to fallacy.
  • Stonewalling: occurs when communication is blocked by refusing to answer questions or giving evasive replies. EXAMPLE Rocky: "If you are really intent on convincing me that molecules-to-man evolution actually happened, just provide absolute prove that it did happen." Sandy: "You obviously don't understand science. I would not honor such a stupid request by answering it."
  • Politicking: occurs when political games are played to bring support from a larger population than those involved in the discussion. The problem is that tricks and deceptions are used to persuade rather than open-minded exploration of the truth and the reasons to believe the truth. Other logical fallacies are usually involved, especially appeal to ridicule. EXAMPLE Bill Nye, arguing against Creation science: "The question tonight is, does Ken Ham's Creation Model hold up? Is it viable?" Continuing the fallacies of marginalization, ad hominem, and bandwagon, Bill Nye misstated the debate topic. The question tonight had just been repeated by the debate moderator as: "Is creation a viable model of origins?" This has nothing to do with Ken Ham. However, fallacies are used because they are effective in manipulating people's minds. Bill Nye was obviously playing to the crowd for political purposes (politicking). Of course, the actual topic would require Bill Nye to show that creation of the Universe by the Creator God is impossible, could not possibly have happened. Viable means possible or workable. There is nothing that is observed using the scientific method that in any way conflicts with divine, supernatural creation. So, as you will see, Bill Nye had to resort to tricks and fallacies to push his political agenda.
  • Failure To State / Arguing for a Position While Insisting that there is No Position / "Prove Your Belief, BUT My Belief Is Not Disclosed": occurs when the position of one or more people is not stated. Various techniques are used to accomplish this. One is to ask so many questions or make so many fallacious attacks (such as ad hominem) that the questioner/attacker never states his or her own position. Often, this is done on purpose. It is a tactic that is used in contrarian arguments on the Internet. This is closely associated with the burden of proof fallacy. "If I never state my position, I don't need to defend it."
  • Lobbying: occurs when appeals are made to power, particularly governmental power, to support one's own opinion, oppose other opinions, or both. EXAMPLE Lobbying for laws to limit the rights of Christians to minister the Truth.
  • Brainwashing: occurs when any of a variety of techniques are used to short-circuit reason. Brainwashing is always a systematic process and often involves forcible pressure. EXAMPLE The public school system, from pre-school through post-secondary, quietly brainwashing students into believing relativism, evolutionism, old-Earthism, and liberalism.
  • Tossing the Elephant / Throwing Mud at the Wall to See What Will Stick / Shotgun Argumentation / Ad Infinitum: occurs when so many arguments are given in a way that makes it impossible to respond to all of them in any detail. Sometimes, this is accomplished by asking one question after another. Sometimes, it is by making one statement after another. Often it may be done with a combination of statements and questions. It can be accomplished in relatively few statements/questions when there is a constraint, such as a time constraint. Generally, claims can be made rather quickly, but answering the many claims takes much more time than making the claims. The tactic is effective because people lose interest, are not committed enough to truth to take the time to check it out, don't have the resources to check it out, or some other factor limits answering the claims. This tactic is often used in playing to a crowd. EXAMPLE Bill Nye, arguing against Creation science: "It means that Ken Ham's word, or his interpretation of these other words, is somehow to be more respected than what you can observe in nature, what you can find in your backyard in Kentucky. It’s a troubling and unsettling point of view and it’s one I very much would like you to address when you come back." Bill Nye said, knowing that the format would not allow time for an answer to Bill Nye's obvious logical fallacies. Bill is using this tactic of tossing the elephant repeatedly, asking questions knowing that there won’t be time to answer. This tactic can take many forms. In this case, Bill Nye knew that the format was going to change and that there would be questions from the audience. He repeatedly asked unrelated questions so that Ken Ham would not have time to answer in this format, and, in this way, Bill Nye could create the false impression that Ken Ham didn't have answers to his many questions. It's a clever tactic that works to fool people, but it is dishonest communication.
  • Debate Rather Than Trying to Find the Truth / Debate Mindset: occurs when logic is used to win debates or to defeat opponents rather than to find the truth. This typically happens when a person is more interested in "winning" rather than finding truth. Sadly, many formal classes and books dealing with logic commit this fallacy as an underlying theme. There is no desire to find the truth. The emphasis is on winning the debate.
  • Obtuseness / Willful Ignorance  / Willed Ignorance: occurs when, rather than discussing the issue or misunderstanding, there is a deliberate effort to appear not to understand. This fallacy is difficult to understand because of the universal human problem with paradigms. We humans all have a paradigm (worldview, fake-reality, filter) that is a complete representation of the real world in our minds. It acts as a filter to filter out anything that we don’t already believe about life. This makes us obtuse. On the other hand, when someone who loves to argue has run out of things to say, sometimes, they will drop back into consciously pretending not to understand the other point of view.
  • Logical Fallacy of Refusing to Look at Evidence: occurs when someone simply will not examine the evidence. EXAMPLE "No, I will not look through your telescope, Galileo!" EXAMPLE "No, I will not seek the Lord in sincerity, humility, and a will to do His will, and I will not taste and see that the Lord is good."
  • Pious Fraud / The Ends Justify the Means Fallacy: occurs when a fraud is committed for a supposed “good” result. EXAMPLE "We don't have any real evidence for evolution, but we must give the impression that we do. Eventually, science will show that molecules turned into people. Until then, we need to keep the funding coming."
  • Demanding Impossible Conditions: occurs when a false impression of open-mindedness is portrayed while demanding impossible conditions to either prove or disprove a proposition. “My mind is open, just meet my impossible conditions and stop being so closed-minded.” This is often accompanied by an argument from ignorance. “I can easily be convinced. Simply supply this impossible and irrelevant evidence or else it proves that I am right and you are wrong.” This is generally a dishonest negotiation tactic and usually involves playing to the crowd. The impossible conditions can be conditions of an agreement or any other conditions. EXAMPLE Bill Nye, when arguing against Creation science, said that he would change his mind on the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story if certain conditions were met. When he laid out his conditions, they were filled with many fallacies from outright lies to red herrings.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: occurs when a false prophecy is given, but by its very nature, it tends to be fulfilled, so it is used for proof that the original claim was true. This principle operates in positive mental attitude or in fear and pessimism. Words have power. Words that do come from God have power for blessing, life, peace, and fulfillment—if they come from God, they are truly in the Spirit of prophecy. For those who don’t want God to exist or don’t want God to have power, this fallacy can be abused to explain away the power of God and to avoid giving Him glory for what He does. Words that don’t come from God have power for deception, pain, and death. EXAMPLE “This is going to be one rotten day.” EXAMPLE “There is an archaic idea that young people can keep themselves sexually pure until marriage. This doesn’t work. For this reason, we are going to teach you how to keep yourselves from getting pregnant or getting diseases.” Of course, this story has worked to get young people more sexually active, and, of course, more diseases and pregnancies have been the result.
  • Self-Sealing Argument Fallacy: occurs when an argument is made that no evidence can possibly refute, and yet there is no evidence that proves that the conclusion is true. This can be accomplished several ways. One is to claim that the other person has some insurmountable deficit that prevents him/her from being able to understand the argument. Another way this is accomplished is by making the proof and the conclusion say the same thing. Another way is to rationalize away any evidence that conflicts with the argument, often, with just-so stories. Self-sealing arguments are actually implemented by other fallacies. EXAMPLE Sandra: “Evolution is settled science." Sandra uses the word, "settled." She means that the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story is self-sealing. There is no evidence that can disprove this story (in the minds of adherents). At any given time, it is said that there is something that would falsify the story. However, when those criteria have been met, they are discarded and a new set of criteria for falsification is going. By constantly moving the goalposts, there is never any evidence that can possibly refute evolutionism. The story merely morphs to fit whatever facts are found. Historically, whenever evidence is found against it, a new just-so story is made up to explain away the evidence. If the many just-so stories are pointed out, then it is claimed that this is how science works. Evidence that cannot be explained away is ignored. Coercion is used to eliminate any dissenters from the discussion. EXAMPLE Sandra: “I know that my doctrine is correct and complete because it is based on the Bible, and there is no evidence that would sway me." Sandra's statement about doctrine cannot be correct if she based it on the Bible, since the text of the Bible says that if any person thinks that he/she knows anything, that person doesn't know it as they ought to know it. The walk with Jesus is a progressive walk from glory to glory. It is a walk of unfolding revelation. It is a walk of ever-deeper personal intimacy with God. It is a journey that consists of constant life-changing experiences in which the human self dies and Christ is built up in the follower of Christ. As a result, when we walk with Him, we don't stay in the same place. We don't base this walk on the foundation of the Bible as Sandra said. The walk with Jesus is NOT about figuring out new theologies. It is about knowing the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus speaks to us through the Bible and says, "There is no other foundation (basis) that can be laid than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Doctrine is revealed line on line and precept on precept. When any person stops receiving revelation, that person stops moving on with God. FALLACY ABUSE Sandra: “When you say that I must be born again to see the Kingdom of God, you are committing the self-sealing argument fallacy. According to you, there is no way to debate you, since you claim that I have an insurmountable deficit that keeps me from seeing or understanding.” Roxanne: “There is nothing insurmountable here unless you refuse to look at the evidence. If you had the proof, and you told me that unless I looked through your microscope I would not be able to see the evidence, this is very similar to what I am telling you. You can easily examine the evidence, but you would need to be willing to be born again. If you realize that you have fallen short of perfection, I am telling you, by the revelation of God, that you deserve God’s judgment and God is just and will judge you because He is just. You owe a debt you cannot pay. Fortunately, Jesus paid the debt. He is willing to both pardon you and to deliver you from your sinful nature. If you accept this, then you will be equipped with vision to begin seeing the Kingdom of God.”
  • God Wildcard Fallacy: occurs when Divine mystery is used as an excuse for errors in logic. This is not to say that there are not things that we don’t know, either by Divine revelation through scientific observation, Divine revelation through Scripture, Divine revelation through dreams and visions, and so forth. And, this fallacy is largely abused to try to eliminate God without evidence by using a special pleading fallacy and an argument from ignorance fallacy. That being the case, the God wildcard fallacy cannot be used to cover bad logic such as speculation that is presented as fact. EXAMPLE Sandy: “The Father is the Son. There is no Trinity.”   Roxanne: “Then how do you explain that Jesus ascended into Heaven and sat at the Right Hand of the Father?” Sandy: “Jesus ascended into Heaven and sat at the Right Hand of the Father, Whom He is.” Roxanne: “That seems irrational and very speculative.” Sandy: “No. It’s absolutely true. It is a great mystery.” Of course, it is actually an unsupported assertion. God hasn’t revealed any such thing. FALLACY ABUSE “I choose not to acknowledge the existence of God, and to that end, I will believe in the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story. Here are the rules. If you can’t answer every question I ask you concerning God, the Creation, the Flood, Salvation, or any other thing, I will accuse you of the God Wildcard Fallacy. However, these rules do not apply to me and my belief in the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story. They are specific laws of logic that eliminate God without having to show any evidence.” Here, a special pleading fallacy and an argument from ignorance fallacy are used to deceive. Note that this fallacy is usually veiled in innuendo and other fallacies so that it is harder to detect. No one is likely to state it just this way, because it is too easy to see that fallacies.
  • Science Wildcard Fallacy: occurs when scientific mystery is used as an excuse for errors in logic. This is not to say that there are not things that we don’t know, either by Divine revelation through scientific observation, Divine revelation through Scripture, Divine revelation through dreams and visions, and so forth. God provides many benefits to the human race through science, but sometimes the word is used as a magic word to gain unwarranted credibility for irrational thinking such as the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story and other scams. EXAMPLE Roxanne: “If, as you say, there is no God, and the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story is fact, then some questions must be answered before you can state this as fact. For instance, where did the matter come from to create the Big Bang? How did consciousness develop from matter? How did the first life form? How did the laws of nature develop? There are many other unanswered questions that should make you very skeptical of your claim.” Sandra: “Actually, I can remain certain of my claim. Science will eventually find the answers to all these questions. There is no evidence for God.” Roxanne: “I know Jesus in the same way that you know that the real world exists around you. I know Jesus Christ, not the theology or the theory, but the Person of Jesus. This is how I know He exists. However, your philosophy about the Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story is no more than a story. And this story doesn't even answer the important questions of life. Yet, based on this story, you continue to claim that I am not experiencing what I am experiencing. Do you realize how crazy that is?" Sandra cloaks her assertions in mystery using the science wildcard fallacy along with the magic word, science.
  • We Have to Do Something / Moving the Overton Window: occurs when a crisis (possibly created) is used to push for a change (new normal). Joseph Overton originated the idea that at any moment there is a window of politically acceptable policies, but that window can be moved during a crisis. Seminars are given in the public sector on how to do this. EXAMPLE White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel: "Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things that you thought you could not do before.”
  • Monopolizing the Conversation / Filibustering: occurs when a conclusion is promoted to the point where any conflicting information is buried and thus not seen. EXAMPLE You get into a conversation with someone. They have a strong opinion. And they talk over you every time you try to get a word in.
  • NIGY / Now I’ve Got You: occurs when one question is asked after another, usually with rapport-building techniques to reduce apprehension, until some piece of information is turned up that can be used against you in some way. This technique works well when coupled with an argument from ignorance mentality. NIGY is a common debating technique used by those who are not interested in knowing the truth. When debate is a game with winners and losers, it is unlikely to ever lead to knowledge. This type of debate is a way that a person can think that they are “winning” and someone else is “losing.” As an interesting twist, the person asking questions will sometimes pretend to be open-minded. 
  • Fait Accompli Tactic / Easier Asking Forgiveness than Permission: occurs when an action is taken without agreement, and then the result is presented with the attitude of, “Now, I’ve done it; what are you going to do about it?” This is a great way to ruin relationships. Often, the action will be taken in secret. Sometimes, it is taken by power. It is a fallacy to say that the action is justified because it is already accomplished and difficult to reverse. EXAMPLE Many laws are passed this way and gridlock usually follows. EXAMPLE “Oh! The Corvette in the driveway? Yeah. I saw it and couldn’t resist buying it. I hope you don’t mind, dear.”
  • Spin Doctoring: occurs when information is presented in a way that leads people to conclusions that aren’t necessarily true. Spin doctoring involves many, perhaps all, fallacies. EXAMPLE This is generally done in public relations or politics. EXAMPLE Since the news media and the Universities have become political organizations, it is seen in these. EXAMPLE Each human being is his or her own personal spin doctor.

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How can we know anything about anything? That's the real question

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The complexity of Gods Way understood in a single diagram
Obey your flesh and descend into darkness