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Tactic of Neuro Linguistic Programming


The Tactic of Neuro Linguistic Programming is a skill set. There are many skills involved. The skills consist of hypnotic pacing and leading, logical fallacies, and challenges to thinking. It is a hypnotic technique that people may use on you without your awareness. Training is available in these techniques and they are being used by sales people, persuaders, politicians, other people who want to persuade, and therapists. Some of these techniques are listed below:


The word, "anchor," is used to label a tactic of linking two things together that are not necessarily linked together in reality. The neurolinguistic programmer creates the anchor by causing two events to happen together on a regular basis for a certain number of times. You can do this to yourself. If every time you watch television you eat a snack, you might get hungry every time you watch TV.  A neurolinguistic programmer may say certain things or do things in certain way so that two separate events get tied together in the your mind. Evenutally, when one of the events occur, you associate it with the other in your innermost mind.


Rapport is gotten mainly by matching. Matching expectations, for instance. Your banker matches your expectations by not showing up to work in bib overalls. Neurolinguistic programmers match your expectations as a tactic to get rapport. It is known as the "pacing" part of "pacing and leading." Pacing and leading is a hypnotic technique. Rapport is gained by agreeing, by actively listing, by matching eye contact, by matching body language, by matching vocal speed, tone, and volume, and by many other means.


The neurolinguistic programmer uses reframing to change your perception of a situation. It is changing the angle of the view. This can be done by labels such as pro-life, pro-choice, anti-life, anti-choice, anti-abortion, or pro-abortion. It can be done by talking about a woman's right to choose without ever mentioning that she is choosing to kill her baby. Reframing can talk about a subject selectively. For instance, talking about women's rights without addressing the baby's right to live or the way that men manipulate or deceive women to get them to have the abortion. It can be done by adding the suffix, "ism." An example of how this is used is the uses of the words, "creationism," and "evolution."


Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory methods are used to change your state of consciousness without your conscious awareness. These methods are complex and not easily learned. Here is a partial list of them: mapping across, swish, compulsion blowout patterns, threshold, ratchet, push, Godiva chocolate pattern, ecstacy pattern, laugh until you drop, TOTE stategies, time line, and association dissociation.

Future Pacing

Metaphors (These are story-telling techniques to change minds.)

Well-formed Outcome


Parts Integration

Visual/Kinesthetic Dissociation

State Management (State Control)

Sleight of Mouth

Lexical Ambiguity

Using words that have multiple meanings.

Syntactical Ambiguity

"Isn't there something you can do something."

two sentences that share some words

Phrase Attachment


Noun Group Structure

Semantic Ambiguity

Scope Ambiguity

There are many kinds of scope ambiguity.

Anaphoric Ambiguity

Non-literal Speech


Incomplete statements

"Scientists have knowledge."

Which scientists? What do they know? How do they know it? How do you know that they know? Why is this important? How can you find the answer to each of these questions?

Overloading Conscious Attention

Overloading Conscious Attention using Ambiguity and Vagueness

There are many ways to overload conscious attention. The goal is to get direct access to the subconscious, the innermost mind. The innermost mind holds the reigns that control your thinking. The innermost mind houses the conscience. Your conscience can be damaged or distorted.

Overloading Conscious Attention using Suggestion

Professor: "When you realize the obvious validity of science and begin to respect what is known and all the research that has been done, you may begin to quietly notice that of your various unverified beliefs start to fall harmlessly away."

Hidden Suggestion: "Stop believing in Jesus Christ as your Savior!"

Indirect Suggestions

Direct Suggestions

Selective Skepticism

Internal Movies


Meta Model

Milton Model

Using Representational Systems

Meta Programs

Aphorisms or Presuppositions

Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Selective Demand for Evidence

Embedded commands

Embedded questions

Distracting the Conscious Mind

Phrase attachment


Extended Example



Last updated: Sep, 2014
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