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2 Kings

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 2 Kings 
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2 Kings

The revelation that God has given to the apostles, the testimony of the Holy Spirit through Scripture itself, the testimony of the Holy Spirit in the heart of every follower of Christ, rational (sane) thought, scientific method, and any other measure other than the creative rationalizations (insane stories) of the skeptics, all confirm the historical, material, and spiritual accuracy of every part of Scripture from the very beginning of Genesis to the very end of Revelation.

The kings of Israel.

1. Ahaziah injured himself and sent messengers to Baal-zebub to inquire of him, but the messengers meet Elijah who tells them Ahaziah will die--Ahaziah sends 51 men after Elijah who are consumed by fire--he sends another 51 who are consumed--the third 51 ask for mercy--an angel told Elijah to go with them so he went and told Ahaziah that Ahaziah would die because he inquired of Baal-zebub rather than God--Ahaziah dies and Jehoram becomes king of Israel

2. Elijah and Elisah--Elijah taken to heaven--Elisha receives a double portion of the Spirit

3. Jehoram did evil but somewhat less--Moab rebells--Jehoram asks for help from Jehoshaphat and the king of Edom--the call Elisha--Elisha prophesies for the sake of Jehoshaphat and they defeat Moab

4. miracle of the widow's oil--miracle of the Shunammite woman's son--miracle of the poisonous stew--miracle of the multiplied loaves

5. Miracle of Naaman's healing from leprosy by washing in the Jordan seven times--Gehazi's disobedience

6. miracle of the floating axe head--king of Aram plots to capture Elisha and the miraculous deliverance--Ben-hadad besieges and the people of Samaria are starving--Elijah prophesies

7. Elisha prophesies there will be food the next day--the army of Aram flees leaving all their food and supplies

8. Elisha helps the Shunammite--Elisha prophesies of the evil that Hazael will do--Jehoram, son of Jehoshaphat, becomes king of Judah for 8 years and he married a daughter of Ahab did evil like Ahab--Edom and Libnah revolt--Jehoram dies and Ahaziah becomes king of Judah for one year, doing evil like Ahab

9. Jehu, son of Jehoshaphat, anointed king over Israel--Jehu attacks: King Joram, King Ahaziah, and Jezebel are executed

10. Ahab's relatives judged--Jehu eradicates Baal out of Israel--Jehu dies, succeeded by Jehoahaz

11. Queen Athalliah in Judah kills royal offspring, but Joash is spared by Jehosheba--Athalliah overthrown by Jehoiada--the covenant renewed--Joash/Jehoash becomes king of Judah at 7 years old

12. Joash/Jehoash did right--repair of the temple--Joash/Jehoash killed by his servants, succeeded by Amaziah

13. Jehoahaz becomes king of Israel and does evil--God gave them into the hand of Hazael and Ben-hadad continually--Jehoahaz prayed for favor, and God helped Israel, but Jehoahaz and Israel continued in sin--Jehoahaz died--Jehoash became king of Israel and did evil 16 years and died--Elisha dies--Joash shoots and arrow and strikes three times--miracle of the resurrected warrior--Israel's three victories

14. Amaziah reigns in Judah and does some good--Jeroboam II reigns in Israel--Amaziah dies and Azariah/Uzziah reigns in Judah--Jeroboam dies and Zechariah reigns in Israel

15. Azariah/Uzziah did right--Zechariah reigned in Israel and does evil--Shallum kills Zechariah and becomes king in Israel for 1 month--Menahem kills Shallum and reigns over Israel and does evil and dies--Pekahiah reigns in Israel and does evil--Pekah kills Pekahiah and reigns over Israel and does evil--Tiglath-pileser captures territory and brings captives to Assyria--Jotham becomes king in Jerusalem and does right but didn't take away the high places

16. Ahaz reigns over Judah and does evil--Ahaz gives the gold and silver from God's house to Assyria in exchange for military help--Ahaz dies and Hezekiah reigns over Judah

17. Hoshea reigns over Israel and does evil--The king of Assyria puts Hoshea in prison and takes Israel captive to Assyria because of Israel's sins--the king of Assyria fills the land with foreigners who also did evil

18. Hezekiah reigns in Judah and does right--Hezekiah victorious over the Philistines--Assyria captures Samaria--Judah invaded by Assyria

19. Isaiah's prophecy against the king of Assyria--the letter from Sennacherib--Hezekiah prays--prophecy--the angel kills 185,000 Assyrians, and the king of Assyria returns home where he is killed

20. Hezekiah ill--he prays--the sign of the sun dial and his healing--Hezekiah shows the Babylonian king his treasures--Isaiah prophesies that Babylon will come and take the treasures--Hezekiah is happy that he won't see that

21. Hezekiah dies and Menasseh reigns and does evil--God speaks to Menasseh through the prophets--Menasseh dies and Amon reigns in Judah and does evil

22. Josiah reigns in Judah and does right--Josiah finds the book of the law and realizes how far Judah has turned from God's pattern--Huldah prophesies the God will judge because of all the idolatry and failure to obey the law

23. Josiah makes a covenant before the Lord--Josiah's reforms--Passover--Josiah dies and Jehoahaz reigns over Judah and does evil--Pharaoh Neco imprisons Jehoahaz and makes Eliakim king in Judah--Jehoiakim reigns in Jerusalem

24. Jehoiakim controlled by Babylon until he rebelled--Jehoiakim dies and Jehoichin reigns in Judah and does evil--captives taken to Babylon--the king of Babylon makes Zedekiah made king of Judah--Zedekiah does evil--Zedekiah rebels against the king of Babylon

25. Nebuchadnezzar attacks Jerusalem--Jerusalem is burned--Nebuchadnezzar makes Gedaliah governor--10 men kill Gedaliah--the people went to Egypt

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 2 Kings 
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