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The revelation that God has given to the apostles, the testimony of the Holy Spirit through Scripture itself, the testimony of the Holy Spirit in the heart of every follower of Christ, rational (sane) thought, scientific method, and any other measure other than the creative rationalizations (insane stories) of the skeptics, all confirm the historical, material, and spiritual accuracy of every part of Scripture from the very beginning of Genesis to the very end of Revelation.

1. dangers of the counsel of the ungodly--blessing of listening to God
2. Evil people rebel--serving the Lord is the answer--Christ and His Kingdom
3. trusting Christ in times of peril
4. trust--learning to commune with Christ as we reflect on experience from God--communing with Christ in the morning to set the focus
6. prayer in hard times--communing with Christ through music when we are weak or He is disciplining us
7. God repays--singing when enemies surround--letting God defend us
8. God's majesty and creation--humans on God's mind--Christ raised on High
9. praise, singing, praying, thanks giving--the ruler-ship of God-prayer for mercy, the judgment of the Lord
10. The wicked may seem to do well, but God sees and executes justice.
11. the refuge of the presence of the Lord in times of tesing
12. prayer against hurtful liars
13. a prayer for deliverance
14. Fools--not acknowledging God--the evil of all humanity--a prayer that deliverance would come from Zion (the church, the manifestation of the sons of God)
15. those who may dwell with the Lord--the life and experience of the called out people (the church)
16. prayer for safety, honor and recognition for the Lord--the Lord's counsel--Christ's leading in the path of life--God becoming our portion as we walk deeper into Christ
17. a prayer: listening to God rather than lies--pure motives, to be in His likeness--deliverance from enemies--the key to satisfaction, becoming like Him
18. The Lord is my Rock, my Strength, my Salvation, my Stronghold--the deliverance of the Lord--the walk that brings in the kingdom of God
19. God speaking through creation and through the law--the inability discern our own errors--prayer for cleansing and prayer to walk holy
20. prayer for blessing--trusting in God and nothing else
21. the king's joy in all that God gives--life to the ages of the ages
22. of Christ dying on the cross--resurrection--the church/Kingdom--prayer of one who is innocent
23. the Lord as Shepherd--needs supplied--restoration--the promise of the Kingdom
24. The earth is the Lord's an everything in it--Who may ascend His hill or stand in the holy place?--Christ's generation--Lift up your heads Oh you gates--the Kingdom of God
25. prayer to approach the Lord, for no shame, for guidance, for forgiveness--God's love, instruction, revealing, integrity, uprightness, prosperity, and inheritance for those who fear God and concentrate their minds on Him
26. prayer of innocence--not being influenced by evil people--walking in the right ways--in God's house (a type of the church/called out ones)
27. trust in the Lord--prayer to dwell with Him--seeking His Face--teach me, lead me, protect me from those who slander me--wait for the Lord--single minded toward God's house (a type of the church/called out ones)
28. prayer for help and mercy--praise for the Lord Who protects, the Fortress, the Shepherd
29. praising the Lord, Master of all creation and hearing His voice--strength and blessing for His people
30. prayer of thanks for deliverance from sickness--temporary weeping, wailing, and lament when God is angry for a moment but great joy when communing with God is restored
31. God is my Rock--prayer for deliverance from the net of evil-doers, that they be ashamed but not me--the Lord's protection of those who are loyal to Him.
32. forgiveness and removal of sin--the problem of failure to confess to God--confession and the Lord removing guilt--God's protection--God's instruction in righteousness--people who are like a horse or mule--how wickedness leads to sorrow but love surrounds those who trust God
33. praising for God's power and providing, His good plans
34. listening to God in affliction--seeking Him and hearing Him--the manifestation of the sons of God--praising God for deliverance--awe for the Lord Who supplies--the Lord teaching those who listen to Him--choosing good and leaving evil--none condemned who take refuge in Him
35. prayer: deliverance from enemies--God's righteousness
36. the wicked liars--God's love--life--light
37. not envying the wicked--delighting in God--trusting in God--waiting on God--not being angry but waiting--how funny the schemes of the wicked are to the Lord since He knows their end--dying by their own hand--how much better it is to be poor and just rather than rich and wicked.
38. prayer of one who has sinned--relationship with the Lord in the anguish of repentance
39. understanding how short life is and that human effort is a vapor--prayer for deliverance from God's judgment/discipline
40. thanksgiving when God lifted out of the slim pit and set us on the Rock/Jesus--singing a new song--idols--opening the ears to hear--God's desire for obedience rather than sacrifice--prayer for help
41. blessing for having regard for the weak--many turn on those who are hurting, but God upholds His own--prayer after being healed
42. longing and sadness as the enemy oppresses--waiting for God's presence and His house (a type of the church/called out of God)
43. prayer for defense against the evil, that God would send His light to guide--looking forward to meeting with God--His holy mountain (a type of the Kingdom/the church fulfilled)
44. God's mighty acts--not trusting in weapons--the purifying Hand of God in trials of those following Him--prayer for help
45. a wedding song--prophetic look at Christ, the Kingdom, the cleansed, purified, prepared bride (a type of the church/called out of God)
46. God, our stronghold--no fear in times of trouble--the river of God that makes the city of God (a type of the church/the called out) glad--the end of wars--"be still and know that I am God."--God, our fortress
47. everyone clapping--God, King over all the earth--the Kingdom of God established with great rejoicing
48. Great is the Lord--His city founded to last forever--God is mighty who leads us forever
49. Why fear? No human can redeem another; all die. God will redeem my life. Don't be concerned when others get rich since they can't take it with them.
50. God of gods shining forth from Zion--He, the only judge--no need for sacrifices but rather praise, then call and He will deliver--why recite laws and disobey them?--God, the judge of those who do evil.
51. David's prayer of repentance for his sin with Bathsheba--confession--prayer for creation of a clean heart--God's delight is a broken and contrite heart rather than sacrifices--prayer for Zion (a type of the church/the called-out)
52. God's righteous and just judgment of wicked liars--those who trusted wealth and gained by destroying others rather than trusting God--the destruction of the wicked within sight of those who depend on God--trusting God.
53. total depravity of humanity--God's righteous judgment--deliverance from Mt. Zion (a type of the church/called-out in Kingdom fulfillment)
54. prayer for deliverance from the arrogant--praise for deliverance
55. prayer for deliverance from two-faced, treacherous, false friends who attack--God hears--God's righteous judgement and protection of those who call on Him and trust
56. prayer for deliverance from attackers--statement of confidence and trust in God and what God says
57. prayer for mercy for deliverance from those who set traps--God fulfilling His purpose and protecting--singing, praising God for His love
58. unjust rulers judged, the wicked swept away, and the righteous rewarded
59. prayer of David when Saul's men hunted for him--depending on the Lord as strength and fortress
60. rejected by God--prayer for restoration and victory
61. prayer for leading to the Rock (a type of Christ the Head and Christ the Body in submission to the Head and unity with the Head)--Longing for His tent (a type of the church/called-out)--Kingdom praise
62. God/Christ, exclusively the Rock/Foundation, salvation, fortress, rest, and hope--no trust in extortion of wealth--God's strength and love
63. seeking God--seeing Him and His power--praising Him--in the shadow of His wing--upheld by Him--enemies and liars defeated--all who swear by the Name of God praise Him
64. prayer against the conspiracy of words--God turning their own tongues against them and all mankind fearing--the righteous rejoicing in the Lord and taking refuge in Him
65. Zion (a type of the church/called-out)--praise--overwhelmed by sin--God's forgiveness--Creator God--Sustaining God
66. shouting with joy to God, singing, praising--God's works--God rules--God's testing of us to refine us--coming to God in the temple (a type of the church/called-out body of Christ)--those who fear God listening to Him--God not listening to our prayers if we love sin--God hears our prayers--does not withhold His love
67. prayer for God's grace and presence and that the people praise Him so that blessings follow
68. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered and the righteous glad--God's Kingdom--looking back at God's mighty works--looking forward to Christ: "when He ascended on high, He led captives in His train and gave gifts to men"--God's justice for His enemies--praises to God--prayer that God shows His power
69. prayer of one who suffers for the sake of God--zeal for God's house (a type of the church)--salvation, rebuilding--the Kingdom
70. prayer that God would deliver quickly from accusers
71. taking refuge in God from enemies
72. prayer that God, Whom kings worship, will protect the king
73. the folly of being envious of the wicked because their end is terrible while those who draw near to God are blessed--God's sanctuary (the church) makes it make sense
74. God's rejection--the enemy coming in and destroying--no miraculous signs or prophets left--how long--acknowledging God as King--prayer that God rise up and deliver
75. praise for God Who chooses the time and judges uprightly--Who holds the pillars of the earth and tells the arrogant to keep still--directing the will to praise God
76. God, the only one to be feared
77. seemingly forgotten by God--setting the human will to remember God's faithful acts
78. the faithlessness of God's people and the faithfulness and grace of God toward His people
79. call for God to remember us and forgive and draw us back to Himself
80. prayer that God would hear, let His face shine on us, restore, return--that God would let His Hand rest on the Man at His Right Hand Whom God has raised up for Himself so that we would we would not turn away
81. singing--God rescued--warning: no idols--if people would just listen to God--blessing contingent on listening and following
82. command to stop defending the unjust and wicked--command to defend the weak and fatherless, the poor and oppressed--God's calling that we be sons of the Most High and the human leaning toward death--God's judgement of the whole earth
83. prayer that God speaks--the plots of the enemy--prayer that God judges them and lets them know that He alone is God
84. yearning for God's dwelling place (a type of the church)--those whose strength is in God--passing through the valley of mourning and making it a place of springs and pools and going from strength to strength until each one appears before God is Zion (a type of the Kingdom, the church in fulfillment)
85. God's restoration and forgiveness--prayer for restoration again and protection from returning to folly--love, faithfulness, righteousness, and peace
86. prayer for life, salvation, mercy, and joy--the Lord, forgiving and good--God is unique--prayer for teaching in God's ways--attacking enemies and God's protection
87. the Foundation, the Holy Mountain, Zion, and the City of God: types of the Kingdom--living water
88. a cry for help in trouble and in the loss of friends
89. singing and making known God's great love and faithfulness--heavens praise Him--He is greater than all in heaven--God, ruler of the seas, owner of the heavens and the earth, creating the world and all in it and the north and south--God's righteousness, justice, love and faithfulness--history of David--God's love continues even in punishment--praise the Lord forever
90. The Lord, our dwelling place--Creator God, turning men back into dust--a thousand years like a day to God, but men are short-lived--teach us that we have little time so we seek after wisdom--prayer for favor and that God direct the works of our hands
91. dwelling in the secret place of the Most High--safety from every problem and threat--God will command His angels to protect--promise to those who love God
92. singing praises, how good it is--fools don't understand they will be destroyed but the Lord exalted--God's enemies destroyed while the righteous flourish--God is Foundation Rock and no wickedness is in Him
93. the Lord reigns--the seas speak--God's statues stand firm
94. God avenger--the wicked fools do evil--God sees and hears and punishes--God knows the thoughts of man are futile--discipline is blessed--standing against evil--God's help
95. songs of praise--God owns everything; He made it--we are under His care--listen to His voice; don't harden your heart--those who harden their hearts will not enter His rest
96. sing a new song--the gods are idols, but God crated everything--worship--say, "The Lord reigns."--God's justice
97. God reigns--righteousness and justice His throne's foundation--consuming fire--idols--Zion (a type of the church in fulfillment) hears Him and rejoices and praise Him
98. command: sing a new song for His works--all creation sings for He comes to judge the earth
99. God reigns--earth shakes--forgiving but punishing sin
100. joy--worship--songs--God made us and we are His--enter into His gates with singing--the Lord is good and will always be faithful
101. singing of God's love and justice-blamelessness--not regarding evil doers--receiving ministry from the blameless (Christ in us)--silencing the wicked and liars
102. prayer of one railed against and looked down on--promise: the Lord will rebuild Zion (a type of the church)--written for a future generation, people not yet created--the kingdoms will assemble to worship Him--heaven and earth will wear out and God will change them, but God endures forever
103. praise the Lord--His compassion and forgiveness--man is temporary but God's love is consistent from age to age--God rules--angels praise Him
104. creation showing God's great control and power
105. God rescues, shows power, in leaving Egypt
106. History: God rescues from Egypt
107. God hears prayer--rescues His people
108. cry to God for help
109. one appointed by God to judge and defeat enemies
110. God appoints His kings
111. praise--God remembers His covenant and rescues
112. those who delight in God's commands are blessed
113. God helps the poor and needy
114. the earth shakes in the presence of the Lord
115. the Lord lives--He is worthy of praise
116. God will rescue--even from death
117. praise--God's love for us
118. thanks giving--God will not allow death but bring life
119. praise God for His great commands
120. deliverance--the world filled with war
121. help from the Lord
122. prayer for the peace of Jerusalem
123. prayer for mercy from the Lord
124. The Lord's intervention and salvation from destruction
125. trust in the Lord--Mount Zion (a type of ruling power in the Kingdom)
126. restoration--joy
127. the watching Lord--the Lord Who builds the City
128. blessings from Zion (a type of the Kingdom/church)
129. prayer for destruction of the enemies of Zion
130. God's redemption
131. lack of speculation, a sign of some level of spiritual maturity
132. God's promise to destroy the enemies of the Kingdom
133. how good and pleasant to dwell in unity--there the Lord commands His blessing: life
134. bless the Lord
135. God's people should bless the Lord for He is good
136. giving thanks to the Lord: His love is shown by His actions
137. remember Zion--remember that judgment is coming
138. confidence in God--despite trouble, His promises stand
139. God knows our hearts
140. prayer for judgment of enemies
141. prayer for protection from the evil of enemies
142. crying to God: be my refuge
143. preserve me for Your Name's sake
144. prayer that the Lord is my Rock (foundation) and brings blessings
145. enthusiastically praise the Lord for His greatness
146. praise for the Lord Who reigns over and redeems all things
147. singing praises to the Lord for His works
148. every person and all creation praise Him
149. Israel (a type of the church) praising the Lord
150. praise the Lord

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