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The Entire Bible
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The revelation that God has given to the apostles, the testimony of the Holy Spirit through Scripture itself, the testimony of the Holy Spirit in the heart of every follower of Christ, rational (sane) thought, scientific method, and any other measure other than the creative rationalizations (insane stories) of the skeptics, all confirm the historical, material, and spiritual accuracy of every part of Scripture from the very beginning of Genesis to the very end of Revelation.

The sad state of God's people. Instruction toward glory.

1. vision of four living creatures--four wheels and divine glory

2. Ezekiel's call

3. Ezekiel sent

4. Ezekiel lies on his side with a brick: Jerusalem attacked--the defiled bread

5. Ezekiel shaves as a sign of desolation of Jerusalem

6. high places judged--the remnant saved--the land desolate

7. prophecy of coming judgment--of the temple profaned

8. visions: the glory of God, jealousy, imaginations, weeping for the sex god, worshiping the sun

9. vision of slaughter and God's glory departing

10. God's glory departing from the temple to the threshold

11. vision of 25 evil rulers to be judged--future restoration of the remnant--the Glory of God leaves the Mt. of Olives

12. the Sign of baggage for exile--the sign of quaking, trembling, and being full of care

13. Condemnation of the false prophets--the plastered wall--condemnation of false prophetesses

14. Condemnation of the elders for idolatry--prophecy: Jerusalem won't be spared

15. parable of the useless vine

16. God's mercy toward Israel despite her abominations--Israel's disobedience and disrespect for God--God's punishment for Israel--God remembers His covenant

17. the parable of the 2 eagles and the vine--Zedekiah rebels

18. God's personal justice for personal sins of each individual

19. take up a lamentation for the princes of Israel

20. how God dealt with Israel in Egypt, in the desert, in Canaan, in the days of Ezekiel--yet, God will restore Israel in the future

21. parable of the drawn sword of the Lord--a double stroke of the sword: Babylon, God's instrument for judgment

22. God's judgment on Israel for her abominations and the blood she has shed

23. parable of two sisters, Oholah and Oholibah, and their harlotry

24. parable of the boiling pot--Ezekiel's wife dies as a sign from God to Israel

25. God's judgment of Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia,

26. God's judgment of Tyrus/Tyre

27. Lamentation for Tyrus/Tyre

28. Tyre's leader high-minded so he will be brought down to the pit--Sidon/Zidon judged--the house of Israel gathered again

29. Egypt judged, taken to Babylon

30. lamentation for Egypt: to be destroyed, cut down like Assyria--Egypt to be cut down like Assyria--Babylon to be victorious

31. the warning to Pharaoh of Egypt

32. lamentation for Pharaoh--Egypt in Sheol, the place of the dead

33. the watchman's responsibility and accountability

34. prophecy against the unfaithful and selfish shepherds--the Good Shepherd

35. prophecy against Edom, Mt Seir

36. prophesy to bless the mountains (a type of ruling authority) of Israel--a new heart, a new spirit--God will put His Spirit within His people and cause them to walk in His statutes observe His pattern, His order

37. the vision of the valley of the dry bones--an explanation of the vision--Judah to be reunited with Israel and the Kingdom restored

38. prophecy of Gog's attack on Israel--God's judgment

39. prophecy of God's judgment against Gog and the invaders--restoration of Israel

40. vision of the temple (a type of the church) and the man with the measuring rod--measuring the temple: the outer court, the inner court, the porch

41. measuring the temple: the inner parts

42. measuring the temple: the chambers, the place of separation

43. God's glory fills the temple--show the house (the temple) to the house (of Israel: the church), if they are ashamed, show them all of it, abominations of setting their thresholds beside God's thresholds and their pillars beside God's pillars (ministries not called by God)--alter and offerings

44. the gate--the orders for priests

45. the holy portion of the land--the Prince's portion--the offerings

46. the Prince's offering--boiling places

47. a river flows from the Temple slowly getting deeper until it is water to swim in--the life of the water except in the marshes--boundaries

48. division of the land--part for the priests--part for the other tribes--12 gates into the city

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God has established the pattern of Scripture, for life and for the Church.

The Entire Bible
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