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Questions and Answers: Why is Islam a False Religion?



Why is Islam a "false religion" because in Islam, they believe that Jesus is a Messenger of God and thus can't be God? Isn't is so that the Earth in {SIC} unholy, why would god want to enter something that is unholy?


If that statement were true, then the teachings of Jesus that we find in the Bible would be false and all of what is true that God has revealed would then be false. It would be a total exercise in futility. 

However, our experience with Jesus and the testimony of the living Christ, Who communicates with us daily in our walk as followers of Christ and also establishes the doctrine through the apostles who were restored to the called out ones since 1948, informs us that your question is based on a false doctrine. 

Jesus is God despite what any person claims. The Holy Spirit says that Jesus is God. This has been revealed in many different ways and confirmed by many witnesses.  God, Jesus, came to Earth and, in His humility, He humbled Himself.  This was the only hope for mankind.  The person asking this question does not have a relationship with Jesus, nor does he or she understand the depth of the love and mercy of God.  We pray that every person turn to Christ and receive His righteousness and Power for good.  We pray that every person who comes to know Christ continues to grow in Christ and come to the completeness, that measure of the stature of the fullness of the Living Christ.  

Last updated: Jan, 2012
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