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Questions and Answers: Can You Believe The Bible Literally?


Evolutionists and Old-Earthers claim that the days of Genesis 1 were not literal. Those who want to commit various sins and don't want to obey God will try to discredit parts of the Bible. Many hate those things that God says concerning marriage and those things that are part of marriage and are not be used outside of marriage. They want to use what God created for marriage in a way that is contrary to the will of God. Some people don't like the parts of the Bible that tell about the orders, ministries, gifts, and offices of the Church. They want to do Church according to their own ways, usually for money, power, or prestige. Some people don't want the parts of the Bible that tell about the power of God that is in His people through Christ. They prefer a powerless Church or they don't believe that God's power can be in them. Is there any foundation for these claims or are these just examples of wishful thinking on the part of those who are not hearing God's voice?

In fact, this is just wishful thinking and it is error. There is no material or spiritual evidence that effectively supports such a notion. Science does not support it, nor does the Bible. For those who are walking in the Holy Spirit of God, they know by direct revelation that the Bible is without error. Statements that deny the validity of any part of the Bible are in conflict with science, the Bible, and the testimony of the Holy Spirit within believers.

There is something wrong with the question, "Can you believe the Bible literally." What is meant by the word, literally, when someone claims that the Bible cannot be taken literally. The term needs to be defined. God often speaks in types and shadows. Some might call this poetic, but it is more than that. Grass, for instance, is a type of pride. Gold is a type of deity. Silver is a type of redemption. Precious stones are the saints of God. So, when precious stones are mentioned, they are not necessarily just precious stones. They may actually be a reference to the believers. Other parts of the Bible, for instance, Genesis 1, are historical and not poetic or speaking in types.

See: How Do You Know the "Days" of Genesis 1 Were Literal?

Is every part of the Bible true? Yes. Can the Scripture be broken or shown to be unreliable? No. Many have tried, but the Scripture has broken them rather than them breaking the Scripture. Many people, spending millions if not billions of dollars (often tax dollars) over thousands of years, have frustrated themselves trying to find some error or inconsistency in the Bible. The Bible is the most reliable ancient text in existence. There are over 10,000 copies of the text known as the Textus Receptus. Given that there are so many hand-copied manuscripts, one would expect many errors that would make the various copies inconsistent with each other, but that is not the case. Instead, we find spelling errors and inconsequential errors. The Scripture cannot be broken.

Given the miraculous nature of the consistency of the many documents that are known as the Textus Receptus, it would seem that the teachers in the colleges and universities throughout the world would be knowledgeable about this. Yet, they are ignorant in this area. They continually educate their students into ignorance by spouting nonsense about errors in the Bible. The truth is that they do not want God to rule over them so they are willingly ignorant of the truth. If they were willing to have God rule over them and were submissive to Him, then He would reveal the same things to them that He has revealed to all of His followers.  

Last updated: Apr, 2013
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