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I Feel So Empty and Alone Inside



I feel so empty and alone inside. I have been going to church since I was little. I do believe in God, but I don't know why I can't accept Him fully. I feel embarrassed about giving myself fully to Him. I often feel like letting go and leaving everything to God, but when the time comes I choke. I'm NOT running around sinning, yet, I feel empty and alone. I DON"T go out and do things I'm NOT supposed to--like drugs and wild parties. I DO take care of my kids and am very responsible. Yet, as the days pass I feel empty and alone inside because I haven't accepted Jesus as my Savior from sin. What's my problem? I feel lost, empty, alone, and I don't know what to do. Why can't I accept God? Why do I have to continue to feel so lost, so empty and alone inside?


The reason you feel empty and alone inside is because God created you to be joined to Himself and to have His Love flow through you continuously like a powerful fountain of moving water. God speaks to you and shines His Light on you so that you will turn to Him. When you acknowledge Him, pay attention to Him, He puts His faith (supernatural belief and trust) in your heart and His faith is the door to His grace (the free gift of His Love). There is no way to stop feeling empty and alone except to receive Jesus Christ, the God Who created you to love you. Love is righteousness and righteousness is Love. Everything that is selfish (like the parties and drugs and sex outside of marriage) is not the result of God's Love flowing through you. You were made for Love and Love created you and the entire universe. When you turn your attention to God, God's faith will come into your heart and will cause a wonderful flow of God's Love in your heart as you accept Jesus as your Savior from your sinful nature and from Satan (who only wants to destroy you and who lies to you and says that you need freedom from God, which will only hurt you).

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

The reason that you can't accept God is because Satan is lying to you (telling you that you can't accept God) and you have believed Him instead of believing God. Satan has blinded the eyes of your understanding for a while. The reason you are reading this is because you have heard God calling you, telling you that you can accept Him. You can accept God.

It seems that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you. Every person goes through this same thing that you are going through, since God loves every person. Some people never respond to God. They even sometimes pretend that they don't believe in God, because they really want to keep doing whatever they want to do. They don't realize that the very things that they think will fulfill them and make them feel real and meaningful are the things that are making them empty, fake, and meaningless. God is shining His Holy Light on you. Every good thing that you do, like taking care of your kids and avoiding drugs and wild parties, is a response to His Light on you. These are actually just a small sample of God's Holy Love shining on you. A lot of people don't realize that God is Love, and He is the only Love there is. Satan comes with fake Love to confuse us. We need to remember that God's Love is pure, wise, wholesome, peaceful, fulfilling, kind, generous, and full of joy. It never envies. It never doubts God's power to deliver. There is much more about it, since it is really the God Who created the universe and we just can't imagine the mighty power and goodness of God.

If you have a respect for God who sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die to save you from slavery to Satan and all his evil ways, it is God who has given this to you. It is a gift from Him.

The reason you think that you can't accept God is because Satan lies to you and tells you that you can't accept God. But that is a lie. You can turn to Jesus Christ. Satan is strong. This is true. However, in comparison to Christ, Satan is nothing at all. All Satan has is his many lies. Don't believe him. You can accept Jesus. You can be joined to God. You can enter into a new life that you have never had before. You don't need to feel empty any more.

You can do this right now as you read this. Just tell Jesus (He can hear your every thought) that you want to be His and that you want to flow in His Love and yield to His Love. A door will open to His free gift (grace). You will be born into the family of God as a new born baby. From there you will grow.

If you would like to know about growing to your full potential in Christ, you can scroll down to the comment box on this page--but take care of being born into God's family first. You don't want to be stuck with Satan as your father a second longer. Satan is not a good father and will just make you more and more miserable.

Last updated: Sep, 2011
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